Is Dating Easier For Women Than It Is For Men? Survey

Did you watch Jeff Probst yesterday? I was on it!!

To be honest, it was a surreal experience watching myself on that show but it was awesome.  It was so great to see that I am achieving my dream! It was also amazing to see how big a response the show created.  I got so much traffic to my site yesterday from the show that it actually crashed.

Freak out aside, it was pretty amazing! What was more amazing that the people coming to my site were WOMEN. Women who want my help meeting men.

Now I know you may think “what do women need advice for? It’s so easy for them.”

But  I got emails, that also included pictures, from beautiful women all across the United States and Canada. These women were telling me that they are having trouble meeting men and they wanted my help. I gave these women a survey to find out why they were having trouble and their responses were shocking.

They were not shocking because they were extreme or out of this world.

They were shocking because they were the exact same responses that I get from guys when they fill out one of my surveys.

The top 3 things women listed as the reason why they were having trouble dating were:

1. Motivation – Not sure where to meet men and not doing anything right now to meet men

2. Confidence – they were nervous, shy and didn’t think they were good enough

3. Conversation – Did not know what to say or what to talk to men about

Crazy right?

Thousands of beautiful women, came to my website looking for answers on how to get the men they want and the top 3 things holding them back are most likely the same 3 things holding you back.

I knew I had to share this information with you ASAP.

I Want To Know What You Think!

Do you still think women have it easier than men?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this

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