My Mexican Lover & How He Got Me

Last week I told you all about the guy who failed massively while attempting to pick me up in Mexico.

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And this week I’m going to tell you about what this one guy did to me that made me chase him and crave for him to notice me.

So again, I was sitting at the hotel swim-up bar, sipping my strawberry freeze margarita, when this guy swam up to the bar and said “What are you drinking there. Looks awesome.”

Now I want to make a few body language comments on this guy before I continue telling you what he said.

This guy swam up to the bar but didn’t approach me face on.

He swam up, grabbed his own seat, took a look at his menu and then glanced over at me and my drink.

His body language said to me “I’m not picking you up or slightly invested in you yet, I really just want to know about that drink.”

A great message to send to a woman.  Not needy, not eager and not so sure just yet.

I responded to the guy, also staring straight ahead and not giving him much attention and said “It’s a strawberry freeze”.

He then looked over his shoulder at me and said “Looks yummy. I’m still confused on what I want to get.”

Then went into this whole story about how he wants to space out his drinking because he was planning on going out that night to this cool club, that was the club in the movie “The Mask.”

I was instantly engaged by this story and turned my body language towards him, even though his body language was still facing away from me, but only turning towards me every once in awhile.

The conversation went on and as we kept talking I remember thinking “Just turn towards me!!!!! Like me. Want me!!!!!!  Ugh!!!!”.

You see, when women get attention on the regular, it feels foreign to us when a guy doesn’t automatically like us or want us.

It peaks our curiosity about him more and makes us want him more.  At least it makes us want his attention more.

Now this guy wasn’t being a dick. He wasn’t being rude. He was simply living in his own space and talking to me openly and nicely.

As we continued talking, he would turn his body language towards me more and more, and that on it’s own got me super excited, and I got more and more into the conversation and him!

Now, I’m a taken lady but a little harmless conversation with a man never hurts.

But this conversation reminded me of something. Something that I’ve briefly mentioned above and that I’ve talked about at great lengths in all my programs and podcasts.

Confidence and expressing your self-value is the sexiest thing in the world to women. It literally drives us wild and makes us want you more.

Even if it’s just for harmless chit chat.

But keep in mind it was a whole package of what this guy was communicating to me that got me to be excited by him.

It wasn’t just his looks or what he said or how he approached, it was the full package of what he was communicating to me.

His body language, mixed with his words, plus his voice tonality, plus his attitude are what made me give him my full attention.

I want to teach you how to have that full package as well.

Which is why I’ve decided to create a full program all on the 3 Essential Communication Skills You Need To Attract Women: Body, Voice and Words

That will be coming to you shortly, so hold tight!

For now, use this email as guidance and go and work on your body, your voice and your works!

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