5 Reasons Why Hot Women LOVE Nerds

I rarely have guest writers on my blog, especially male writers, BUT I had to post this blog. It’s written by an Anonymous Silicon Valley Founder and self-proclaimed, nerd.

I fully agree and endorse all that is said in this article!

Let me know what you think.

5 Reasons Why Hot Women LOVE Nerds

I am a nerd, and I have an elite sex life.

Wait – what?

It gets crazier: I don’t make much of an effort, either. All I do is stay true to myself, maintain my values, and chill out.

Let me explain: I am not a pickup artist. I don’t manipulate people or follow particular routines. I don’t go after every girl. I’ve dabbled in all that junk, and it’s not who I am.

Then, I discovered something crazy: By staying true to my [nerdy] self – and understanding women a tiny bit (see below) – I found myself with an unstoppable sex life. To be honest, the only thing limiting me is my time.

“Exactly what kind of women is this nerd dating?” you may be asking. Beautiful women. More than good-looking, these women have stimulating personalities, fascinating lives, and broad perspectives. And they’re damn sexy.

I find it funny that nerds who’ve mastered theoretical math or software programming still haven’t discovered their enormous advantage over most dudes when it comes to dating. Most nerds accept the Hollywood dogma – hot girls go for meatheads – like it’s Newton’s Second Law. How silly.

High-quality girls – those with both brains and beauty – are drawn to nerds like bowling balls to the Earth’s surface. We just have to not get in their way.

Here’s why hot women love nerds:

1. We Have Passion

Nerds aren’t defined by superficial things, like how we dress or our raw IQ: being a nerd is to be passionate about something.

Being passionate about something – anything outside of making money – is extremely rare for women to find. As one journalist recently lamented about the influx of very successful men to her city, “They thought the ability to buy someone an expensive meal made them interesting.”

Gorgeous, intelligent women find nerds incredibly refreshing in a world of men who may have a six pack and a nice car, but lack substance.

As one woman told me – after what was an incredible one-night stand – what turned her on the most was when I started talking about my passions. She didn’t necessarily understand them – but she loved the energy I radiated.

Genuine, independent passion is rare – and it’s the definition of being a nerd.

2. We Couldn’t Care Less What Others Think

One blond midwestern lawyer told me after we both had a few glasses of wine, was that she found it extremely attractive that I didn’t posture or try to showcase my achievements. Most men she encountered in her city went unnaturally out of their way to hint at their success. To women, that’s always transparent.

Growing up as a nerd, you learn an important lesson: life is just better when you don’t pay attention to what others think of you. As adults, that ends up being an incredibly unique trait – one that women absolutely notice.

3. We Stay Humble

Nerds crave to be around people who are better and smarter than they are; that’s where we learn most. We’re happiest when the people we’re with, challenge us. Only truly secure, confident people can live life this way.

Nerds are humble, but not pushovers. When we believe in something, we certainly make it known. Secure, confident humility is extremely attractive.

Turns out there are scores of brilliant, accomplished women out there, too. Fortunately for us, normal men find their independence too threatening to date. As nerds, we enjoy being around anyone who challenges us with new perspectives. And those women enjoy being challenged as well – and know how (unfortunately) rare men like us are.

4. We Have Our Shit Together

Nerds have their act together. We have good values and live by principles. We respect others because we have empathy. We prefer genuine friendships rather than being social butterflies. Our intelligence permits us to choose lucrative careers that make us genuinely happy.

Nerds have our shit together more than the general population of men. It’s probably why they’re so threatened by us – and call us nerds. Fair trade by me.

5. We Learn Damn Fast

At this point you’re thinking, okay, great, so why does the dating world not seem to favor nerds?

What stands between your average chess champion, hardware engineer, or mathematics professor, and the dreamy women around them? It’s simple: we just have to not get in their way.

We’re inherently attractive by our nature; we just need to learn the basics of the process – and open the floodgates.

Nerds are, by nature, fast learners. We take pleasure in learning hard things, and we’ve done it many times. Sure, women can be complicated, but come on – we’ve hacked more complicated systems. (No offense, women!)

There’re a few basic things most of us haven’t thought about:

– Women want sex as much, or more than you do

– There’s no magic: Women want you to lead them through a simple, consistent path, without skipping stages (gradually – but not necessarily slowly).

– Women need you to initiate – from saying ‘Hi’, to getting a number, all the way to taking off her clothes. And if you do it right, there’s never any need for courage or acting, just being yourself.

– We need to get out there – be easy to find and interact with, whether on Tinder, OKCupid, Facebook, or real life.

– Understand that you’re not going to have chemistry with all women – and that the smart thing is not to care.

– We could do a few small things to be more attractive (hint: this is easy, totally under your control, and has nothing to do with genetics)

All of these are incredibly easy to achieve and require almost no courage or training. It’s just another system to hack.

As nerds, we’ve got an enormous advantage over the general population when it comes to dating attractive women. The best part? All we have to do is be ourselves.


Marni’s comments:

I fully agree and endorse all that is said in this article! Especially the last few bullet points mentioned by Mr. Anonymous.

Would LOVE to know your thoughts on this article.  Write your comments below and tell me what you think.

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