Why Girls Pull Away From You and How To Keep Women Hooked On You


By far the most common questions I see among all my clients and readers are about how to get women to like them.

And that makes sense. Obviously you have to get us interested in you in the first place before we’re going to date or have sex with you.

But that’s only the first piece of the puzzle. If you’re wanting to enjoy long term success, you need to know how to keep us hooked on you past the first few dates!

And this is where things can sometimes get tricky, as one of my readers, Brad, has discovered. Even though he has no problems attracting girls and getting them into bed, he’s not able to turn them into girlfriends.

This is actually a pretty common issue I see, particularly for guys who have studied a lot of dating advice. Check out the full question and my response in the video below.

Has the same thing ever happened to you? Where things seemed to be going great but then she suddenly loses interest. If so, you need to be aware that as women we tend to be more ‘future-focused’ than guys do.

Now that doesn’t mean we’re picking out wedding dresses in our head after our first date with you! But after a few dates and getting to know you better, we do start to wonder if this is going anywhere or not.

And that might be something as simple as whether we can picture you hanging out with our friends. Would we be proud to introduce you to the people closest to us whose opinions we respect?

For that to happen, we need to get a real sense of who you are. We want you to open up to us and let us see the real you.

The problem is, a lot of dating advice teaches men to never give a woman a straight answer. Or to always be cocky and develop some kind of player persona.

While this may work (sometimes) in the short term, it’ll almost always work against you in the long run. Because even though it can be fun to flirt with a player, we aren’t interested in building any kind of a relationship with one.

So when we say we’re looking for a nice guy who is able to just be himself, this is what we’re talking about! There comes a time where you need to drop the cool guy act and connect with us as one human being to another. If we feel like that isn’t happening after 3-5 dates, we’ll start looking for a man who can.

If you want the inside scoop on the specifics of how to do this, I’ve got the solution for you. Click on the image below to check out Become A Man Women Want: Secrets of Attracting and Getting A Girl. There you’ll discover how to stop us pulling away, instead making us hooked on you!

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