Why Women Test You

[Video Below] Why does it always seem like women are putting you through a mental and emotional obstacle course when they’re getting to know you??

Offering up “tests” and constantly grading you to see if you pass?

And if you say or do the wrong thing…

We make it seem like you’ve totally blown it?

I promise we are not just being sadistic.

We really don’t “test” you to be cruel or to try to make your life a living hell, all for the sake of dating us.

We ARE trying to get you to prove SOMETHING to us, however.

In my video below, I explain exactly why women test men, and how you can pass this test with flying colors. At minute 2 in the video, I show you why this testing we do is actually motivated by our own INSECURITY.

We desperately want to make sure that you like us, care about us, that we have value in your eyes.

A great example that I use is when a woman is flirting with you and, say, makes a playful comment about having a THREESOME with you and another woman (@ 5:55).

You COULD respond by playing along and telling her how hot that sounds.

DON’T do that… she’s not just flirting with you: she’s TESTING you! This moment is your opportunity to PROVE you’re into her in a powerful way…

How? By saying something like, “Why would I want another girl? You’re all the woman I need.”

WOAH! Even writing that I got the chills. Because that’s how I wish men would respond to me.

So check out my video here for all these tips and more and discover why women test you AND how to pass each test with flying colors.

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