You’re A Risk She’s Willing To Take!

If you ever wondered if a woman was genuinely interested in you or just being POLITE…

Or even why women give you their phone numbers… only to NEVER respond or call back…

I have a HILARIOUS explanation for you 🙂

The truth is… us ladies don’t wanna piss off THE WRONG GUY…

All women know that rejection doesn’t feel good… and we’re all aware that if we reject a guy who has anger issues… it might cost us our lives!

I know this… and every other woman on the planet being approached knows this too…

That we have to be polite to every guy we interact with.

So if you have a great conversation with a woman… get her number… and make it all the way to a DATE…

That means she’s ACTUALLY into you and that YOU are a risk she’s willing to take!

I’m not even gonna explain further… because Louis C.K does an AMAZING job of explaining why you should feel proud and confident while you’re on any date with women…

Watch Here To See What He Has To Say:

I love what Louis said about how challenging and scary it can be for men to approach and ask women out…

Because it’s NOT easy!

And I ALSO love how he said a woman actually likes you if she AGREES to go out with you.

Because that’s the truth!

Women get just as nervous and just as excited about going out with you as you would with them…

And making it there is only half the battle.

Cuz, like what Louis said, all it takes is ONE SIMPLE THING to make us feel INSTANT attraction to you… to let down our guard and let you into our beds Haha 😉

Find Out How The ONE SIMPLE TRICK To Making Her Feel Instant Attraction To You:

Most guys think that they still have something to prove after they get on the date… but really the attraction is already there…

You just gotta learn how to AMPLIFY and INTENSIFY it so that she looks at you as MORE than just a friend or guy she can hang out with.

So if you’re lucky enough to get past the hurdles or approaching, talking, getting her number… AND getting her on a date…


Now all there’s left to do is make sure you increase the attraction she ALREADY has for you…because you’re already on the right track!

Find Out How To Keep The Attraction of Any Woman You Take Out:


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  • Cre1987

    I would like to believe that and I’m sure it is true, but just listening to the latest podcast, there’s this sense of women are doing you a favor by going out with you and if there’s another guy better, prepared to be flaked on.

    In the end it seems like there are infinite ways to get on a woman’s “just a friend”, “backup plan” “never speaking to them again” lists but maybe a few ways to get attraction. Because you could be honest with your intentions, come from a place of good intentions it just won’t matter because, as Marni said in an earlier blog “I wouldn’t have taken the compliment the same way coming from another guy”

    • John Smith

      If you’d like to believe that and you’re sure it’s true, there’s just that.
      There’s no “but”.
      Women aren’t out to get you.

      • blogster1

        no they are not, but they won’t hesitate to waste you time, boost their own ego or leave you hanging, because there are no consequences for their rude behaviour.

      • Mickey

        I couldn’t disagree more. Not only are they out to get you, they will string you along just long enough to get what they can out of you…only to go home with the player they really want to sleep with.

  • Screw_Globalism

    Men….” just go home and jerk off !! ” hahaha !!