10 Tips Tor Finding Your Next Winter Romance

It’s officially that time of year; that’s right its time for a Winter Romance! With all of the holidays just around the corner people are finally ready to find the person to settle down with, snuggle up in bed and of course find their Netflix & Chill partner during this cold and snowy season.

If you are already happily in a relationship, then read on for some tips to make this festive season even more special. If, however, you’re still on the lookout for love (or at least a kiss under the mistletoe) this festive season then I also have some tips for getting coupled up in time for New Years.

If you want to get partnered up…

  1. Biology wants you to couple up! Yep, as if things weren’t getting sexy enough with “Love Actually” constantly being played on TV, your body wants you to hook up this time of year. Testosterone (the hormone that’s linked to sexual activity) is at its highest for both men and women during this time of year!
  2. Christmas can provide a ton of talking points and can even help you to approach Yes, I know not everyone celebrates but its still the festive season and is on everyone’s mind, so you will automatically have something in common and can learn about their holiday traditions. 
  3. Christmas parties can help you hook up: Not only will you have your office party (and that colleague who’ve you been flirting with all year) to look forward to, but the bars in your town are going to be busy with people making merry. Christmas is a great time of year to go out and drag the cute girl, with candy cane earrings, onto the dance floor whenever you hear ‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’ come on loop.
  4. Go for a kiss on New Year’s Eve: No matter where you happen to be as the clock strikes twelve, New Year’s Eve is probably your best chance to get a kiss all year. So stick a sprig of mistletoe in your pocket, head to your favorite hang out with your nearest and dearest, shoot flirtatious looks with the girl you like across the bar, and prepare to go in for the kill as the New Year rings in.
  5. You’re not the only one looking for love (fun): With all those cheesy songs on the radio, winter wonderland decorations hanging in the streets, and romance in the air, it’s hard not to feel in love over Christmas. So if you feel uncertain whether to approach, remember that pretty much every single girl out there will be going through the festive season keeping her fingers crossed that this is the year she gets her ‘Love Actually” moment.

For those of you already lucky enough to be loved up this year then the festive season can be an extra special time of year. Here are my tips for making Christmas even more merry if you’re already cuffed…

  1. Winter is made for nights in: There’s a chill in the air, great movies back to back on TV, and (let’s face it) most people are a little broke: so when Christmas comes there’s no better excuse to spend your Saturday night curled up on a sofa. If you’re in a new relationship use long chats over eggnog to really get to know one another, and work out whether you want your girlfriend to stay over full-time in the New Year.
  2. Have a great first date:If you’re just starting to date someone new then Christmas also provides you with loads of amazing dates to head out on. Sure, walks across the beach, long bike rides and a dip in a pool, may be out, but there are so many wonderful dates on over Christmas. Ice skating, winter wonderlands, and Santa’s grottos all provide brilliant activities and talking points. Or take your girlfriend Christmas tree shopping, gingerbread baking, or to pick up some toys for your nephew, to really get into the festive spirit.
  1. Get her a thoughtful gift: Christmas is also the perfect time of year to show someone how well you know them and get them a gift that shows you’ve been paying attention all year. A great tip is to keep a list of gifts your partner has mentioned they’d like throughout the year. Surprise your girlfriend with a thoughtful gift, and don’t leave things until the last minute!
  2. Get a sexy, not a selfish, present: No word of a lie I know a guy to got his wife a four man tent for Christmas. This was so obviously a gift for him that it really was not cool. Now you can get ‘selfish’ presents that your partner will love too: but I’d go for something sexy. Some nice lingerie, a dirty weekend getaway, or a beauty treatment, should make you both smile.
  3. Go for commitment: Christmas is one of those times of year where you can’t help feeling reflective and romantic. If you’ve been with your partner for some time, and can’t seem to find the right time to propose, suggesting you move in together or trying for a baby; Christmas could give you the perfect pretense to put a sparkler in her stocking and pop a big question.

So, whether you’re looking for love or already found that person this holiday’s season, I hope that my tips can help bring you exactly what you are looking for.

Happy Holidays!

Marni X

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