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How To Write The Perfect 1st Text To A Woman

Picture this scenario: You meet a cute woman, hit it off, swap numbers and agree to go out sometime. But after you text her she seems to disappear off the face of the earth… never to be heard from again. … keep reading

Library of Awesome Texts To Send Her

A lot of people LOVED the video I sent the other day about the major texting mistake that kills attraction. It made me realize that what to text, when to text, how to text… are all huge questions for so … keep reading

Quick Guide To Online Dating

Just a few little reminders for when you are online dating 😉 For more tips on how to date online and attract more women online CLICK HERE

A Texting Mistake That Kills Attraction

Texting is an incredibly powerful weapon. Use it wisely, and you’ll keep yourself in our minds and have us counting down the time until we can see you again. Use it poorly, and you’ll leave us questioning whether we’d be … keep reading

Discoveries From Undercover Wing Girl Tinder Experiment (VIDEO)

If you’re not using Tinder (or other social apps) to meet women, you’re really missing out. There’s potentially thousands of amazing women just waiting for you at the push of a button! One of the main reasons guys tell me … keep reading

Best Line To Use If You Get Rejected By A Woman Online

***UPDATE ON THIS BLOG AVAILABLE BELOW I just got an email from Don, who is one of my clients that is part of my email coaching group…. And I instantly thought “I have to share this with you” because it … keep reading

How To Escalate Attraction Over Text Message To Get The Date

You meet a girl (or woman)… You get her number… And then… What?? What do you next to ensure that all of the energy and time you spent getting the number doesn’t go to waste??  Well for starters, you watch … keep reading

Best Dating Apps 2015

It’s 2015 and if you are not using at least ONE dating app then you, my friend, are not only an old fuddy-duddy BUT you are also missing out on countless opportunities to meet, date and “get to know” awesome … keep reading

Texting 101: Texts To Send That Make Her Respond

So these last few blogs I’ve been posting have taught you all about how to build sexual tension and sustain it so you can get the woman of your choice hot, bothered and ready to do WHATEVER you want… But … keep reading

What Always Makes Women Swipe Left On Tinder

Do you use Tinder or any of those other dating apps? Then you have to read the below post written by my cute new 24-year-old Wing Girl Alex. Alex reveals how she uses Tinder AND the mistakes guys make on … keep reading

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