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Effects Of Porn On The Male Brain (How Porn Hurts Your Dating Life)

I watch porn!!!!!  This should not a be shock to you cause I talk about it all the time on my podcast Ask Women.  I watch porn, I like porn, I learn new things every time and I watch and … keep reading

What To Do When You Can’t Perform Sexually

We women have a belief about men and sex.  It may not be correct belief but it’s definitely a strong belief.  We women believe that all men want sex. That men just want sex and nothing else. That most of … keep reading

Where To Meet Women & Kissing Tips, Tricks and Definite Don’ts [Episode 179 Ask Women]

First, I want to apologize for last weeks show. I had a ton of people write in about it and I wanted to address it. The truth is that there really isn’t a need to apologize because it was still … keep reading

3 Porn Myths That Are Hurting Your Sex Life PLUS 1 Awesome Bedroom Trick

WARNING: This post includes sexually explicit content that may make you uncomfortable. This post is for all the people out there who believe Porn is the be all and end all when it comes to sexual instruction.  When in fact, … keep reading

When To Kiss A Girl & How To Do It

You’re out with a girl on a date. You’re laughing, flirting, connecting, enjoying each other and then you think to yourself “I really want to kiss her but I don’t know if she wants me to kiss her”. So what … keep reading

How To Give A Great First Kiss – The Female Perspective

Want to know how to give a great first kiss that will make a woman’s toes curl and keep her coming back for more? Watch this video where Marni gives her first kiss tips that every man needs to know! keep reading

How To Make Any Woman Comfortable Being Naked With You

Believe it or not, but most of us women aren’t 100% confident with our bodies. Even if you think we look sexy as hell, we’ll be aware of different flaws or parts of our bodies we don’t like. That means … keep reading

What To Say & Do If You Lose Your Erection During Sex

Have you ever lost your erection while having sex with a woman?  Don’t worry, I’m not about to start pushing Viagra on you. The reason I’m bringing up this topic is that I know losing an erection can be a … keep reading

How To Make Her Want To Kiss You (Video)

LOVE this video that I just found on how to make her want to kiss you.  I was searching online for great kissing techniques and stumbled upon this video made by my friend Josh from Tao of Badass. I totally … keep reading

Why Knowing How To Touch A Woman Is So Important

I have to tell you that, as a woman, there is NOTHING better than a man touching me in the right place, at the right time in just the right way…I want to share a story with you. It’s about … keep reading

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