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How To Date Women In Their 20’s: My Younger Sister Nicki Tells All

I’m putting an end to a horrible rumor right now!!! The rumor that states that it is creepy to date younger women. First – It’s not at all. In fact, many women I know date men who are considerably older … keep reading

What Turns A Woman On

Believe it or not women are turned on by VERY very different things than men. For example, I get turned on by intellect, wit and when a man makes me feel really feminine by taking the lead. I invited a … keep reading

How To Attract The New Breed of Females

The New Breed of Females is coming and it’s coming fast!!! It should be no shock to you that women are getting stronger, more empowered.  Some may even say women are becoming more masculine! About a month ago, I stumbled … keep reading

10 Rules for Dating Successful Women

Why You Are Not Attracting Women

I just got done coaching a guy I know and I have something AMAZING to share with you. He was frustrated and fed up, the way I know a lot of guys are with women. But this guy hit a … keep reading

#1 Reason You Are NOT Attracting Women

Want to to know the #1 reason you are NOT attracting women? The main problem that many men struggle with, when trying to attract the opposite sex, is that they really don’t understand what creates attraction. Once a man can … keep reading

#1 Mistake Men Make With Women

Drove down to San Diego yesterday to do a 3 minute segment on San Diego 6, The CW Morning Show with Mark and Heather.  It was awesome and in just 3 minutes, Mark got a lot of great information out … keep reading

How To Respond To Tests From Women

Have you ever been talking to a girl and she puts you on the spot by asking you to do stuff for her? Stuff like: “Could you buy me a drink…” OR “Wait here while I go to the bathroom…” … keep reading

#1 Thing That Turns Women On…

The #1 Thing That Turns Women On is Confidence!!!!  Hands down. Don’t believe me, go survey 10-15 women and I guarantee you they will tell you the exact same thing.  Women are so attracted to confidence, that it beats out … keep reading

How To Build Confidence With Women

The #1 thing women find attractive is a man with confidence. I know I am going to get several male doubters and many eye rolls for making that statement, but believe it or not it’s true. Here is your guide on How To Build Confidence With Women. Step 1: In order to build confidence with women, the first thing you need to do is keep reading