How To Avoid Being Clingy With Women: The Cling Distractor

“He just liked me too much” is exactly what my Wing Girl Karla told me after I asked her “he sounds great, why aren’t you into him?” Words like Karla’s must frustrate you to no end. And I’m sure you’re … keep reading

10 Bad Boy Traits That Get Girls

Serial killers make GREAT boyfriends. What?! Now before you say, “Marni, are you CRAZY?!”, hear me out. Because in just a moment I’ll explain what that controversial statement is all about… But first I need to confirm that you haven’t … keep reading

Which one do you like? (Pictures of Marni The Wing Girl)

I need your help! I did a photo shoot the other day and I need your help picking the best picture of me for my website.  I’m also going to use these pictures for media stuff as well, but I … keep reading

Questions To Ask On Dates

Just got off the phone with one of my private coaching clients who is getting prepped for a speed dating event tonight.  I typically practice conversation and leadership skills with guys to help them be prepped before they go on … keep reading

Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Ahhh!! The age-old debate of whether or not penis size matters to women.  I’ve tackled this topic many times and have always come to the conclusion that NO penis size does not matter. The thing is that many men still … keep reading

What To Say When She Says I Have A Boyfriend

Watching glee last night and there was a PERFECT example of what to say when she says I have a boyfriend. This guy gives a great example of how to respond with confidence and comfort while clearly stating his intentions. … keep reading

Flirty or Friendly: How to Tell if She Wants You or Just Wants to be Your Friend

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been hanging out with a girl, you’re into her, and you think she’s into you. Then one day you make a move and she tells you she just wants to be friends.   … keep reading

Ask Women Podcast Live Event At Hollywood Improv

I cordially invite you to join me and the team from The Ask Women Podcast for our first ever LIVE recording of our podcast!! Get your tickets here: ==> To be honest, you may have myself and Kristen all … keep reading

A Lesson In Re-Framing; How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Have I ever told you about re-framing?? I’m sure you’ve heard of it before, but I want to talk about in terms of attraction, approaching and dating because it’s super important. I’ll tell you a little story first and then … keep reading

How To Be Mysterious With Women and Avoid Being A Douchebag

I got an email recently that perturbed me. It perturbed me because it gave me flashbacks to the many times when I experienced what this guy was asking about BUT from the other end. I wanted to share it with … keep reading

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