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Why women talk about this ex & What To Do About It

Have you ever been hanging out with a girl… even one you are not dating, but hoping to one day date… and she brings up her ex?? And you wonder to yourself “why the hell is she bringing up another … keep reading

#1 Mistake Men Make When Flirting With Women (Not Listening)

I wanted to share a recent email exchange I had with an email coaching client of mine. He has given me permission to share this exchange with you as he knows it will be a helpful lesson to you 🙂 … keep reading

Like Google Translate For Getting Girls

Ever been overseas to a country where you don’t speak the language? It can seem next to impossible to communicate with anyone. Which makes even simple things 10 times harder than normal. You’re asking someone where the train station is, … keep reading

What Women Say When Men Aren’t Around

What a BITCH!!! Is exactly what I’m guessing you’ll think about me once you read this blog… BTW – I’m still in freezing cold (and now snowy) Chicago for the holidays. Which means I am stuck in doors because I … keep reading

Ask Women Podcast Episode 111: Misconceptions Women Have About Men That Are Ruining Your Dating Life

I’ve heard this statement time and time again: “Women have it sooooo much easier. They just have to walk into a room and pick the guy they want.” But is that really true?? Is it REALLY easier for women to … keep reading

Why Women Test You

[Video Below] Why does it always seem like women are putting you through a mental and emotional obstacle course when they’re getting to know you?? Offering up “tests” and constantly grading you to see if you pass? And if you … keep reading

Why She Flaked On You – It’s Not Always What You Think

She Blew You Off!!!! What a Biatch right? Well not necessarily. Read on… Has that ever happened to you?? You go on a few dates with a woman. You may kiss her, hold hands, touch… All the good stuff. And … keep reading

Understanding Women: Why Women Ask Men Questions and How To Answer Them Correctly

Why do women ask sooooo many damn questions?!!? – What do you do for a living? – What’s your family like? – Are you a good boy or a bad boy? – What do you think of X? – Why … keep reading

When Should You Approach A Woman? Marni’s Mailbag

Hey! I’ve been getting floods of emails from guys who’ve been asking GREAT questions that I think you’d love to hear for yourself. And it seems I get the most over the weekend come Monday lol… Sooooo…. I decided to … keep reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ask Women Podcast Starts Next Week

I have some really big news!!! Big news that I may have mentioned to you before but now it’s actually happening. I am finally doing a Podcast and I am so excited about it. Me and 3 other amazing, intelligent … keep reading

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