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What To Say After Hello To Keep The Conversation Going

In the past, coming up with an opening line and something to say can be a daunting task. So daunting that choosing to forgo the approach seems like a better option. But I know that because you read my blog … keep reading

How To Approach Women In Public

Do you ever feel like this guy? If you do, don’t feel bad.  SOOOOOO many guys feel exactly the same way. I know that from your POV you are doing your best. You had the guts to approach and make … keep reading

The Cutest Pickup Line I’ve Ever Heard

I got an email yesterday from one of my email coaching clients with the subject line: The Cutest Pickup Line She Ever Heard My client, who I’ll call L for now, said the email was a little gift form him … keep reading

How To Build Sexual Tension And Excitement From The Get-Go

I’ve been getting a ton of emails from guys asking about how to build and sustain sexual tension and excitement in their approaches and interactions. I can tell you first-hand, that this is one of the most important elements when … keep reading

How To Keep The Conversation Going With A Girl With Conversation Threading

  Question from Bill: “Marni, after watching your O.S.A video I have become a master at starting conversations with women. But now I have another problem with keeping the conversation going.  After about 2 back and forth’s with a woman, … keep reading

How To Easily Start Conversations With Women

Want to know an easy method for starting conversations with women? I call it O.S.A: Observe, Share and Ask. Watch the video below to discover how to use O.S.A to easily approach and start conversations with women. Once you’ve mastered … keep reading

How To Avoid Being Rejected By Women

You know what sucks for you about being a man? When you’re a man, you can say one thing to a girl and she’ll LOVEEE you for it. But when you the say EXACT SAME WORDS to another girl, this … keep reading

How To Write The Perfect 1st Text To A Woman

Picture this scenario: You meet a cute woman, hit it off, swap numbers and agree to go out sometime. But after you text her she seems to disappear off the face of the earth… never to be heard from again. … keep reading

Example of How To Flirt (Part 2)

Because soooooo many guys loved the blog I put up last week with lessons on how to flirt and banter that included a video of what it looks like to be a master flirt…. I decided I’d send you another … keep reading

Lessons In How To Playfully Tease A Woman The RIGHT Way

How “nice” are you when it comes to talking to women? And when I say “nice”, what I really mean is how neutral, polite and SAFE do you keep your conversations with women in the hopes of not creeping them … keep reading

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