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Why Women Find You Forgettable

What’s the worst kind of impression you can make on a woman? Many guys think it’s anything that causes her to see you in a bad light. But the truth is, the worst kind of impression you can make is … keep reading

3 Things To Know Before You Approach A Group of Women

I see it all the time. A man with a confident swagger who can approach any woman… as long as she’s by herself! But place her next to another girl (or God forbid, a group of people) and it’s like … keep reading

How To Be A Good Kisser

Have you ever had a great date with a woman who seemed to be really digging you, and then after the kiss, it was all downhill from there? She seemed to lose interest and maybe stopped returning your calls? If … keep reading

How Nerds Can Get Girls

Did you know that being nerdy is now the in thing??  Well, it’s true.  Maybe it’s because of that show The Big Bang Theory, but women are now totally turned on and attracted to nerdy men. I thought this article … keep reading

[MP3] How to get over her

**MP3 is at located at the bottom of this blog for download So I’m about to tell you something really revealing about me. Ready?? I used to be a crazy woman.  Seriously. I wasn’t always as level headed and as … keep reading

Marni Recommends: Top Resources For 2014

I want you to be as ready for 2014 as possible which is why I have put together a list of my top resources YOU NEED to get, to start 2014 off right! You probably see a lot of information … keep reading

Episode 22: How To Pick The Right Woman For You

Episode #22 of The Ask Women Podcast is live and ready for download! Go download the latest episode of the AskWomen Podcast here: ==> I cannot believe we have already done 22 episodes.  Nuts right??  We had a meeting at … keep reading

When To Ask A Woman Out & How To Avoid Being Cock Blocked

Did you know that I used to have extremely low confidence and would second guess EVERY action I made? NO? Well, I did. Not only did I have low confidence, social anxiety and a huge fear of speaking my mind. … keep reading

How Good Are You With Women? Simple Checklist To Discover Your GAME LEVEL

Want to know how good you are with women? I had a member of The Wing Girl Method write into me the other day and ask “Marni, Do you have a big checklist to see our level of where we’re … keep reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ask Women Podcast Starts Next Week

I have some really big news!!! Big news that I may have mentioned to you before but now it’s actually happening. I am finally doing a Podcast and I am so excited about it. Me and 3 other amazing, intelligent … keep reading

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