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How To Avoid Being Rejected By Women

You know what sucks for you about being a man? When you’re a man, you can say one thing to a girl and she’ll LOVEEE you for it. But when you the say EXACT SAME WORDS to another girl, this … keep reading

How To Make Any Woman Comfortable Being Naked With You

Believe it or not, but most of us women aren’t 100% confident with our bodies. Even if you think we look sexy as hell, we’ll be aware of different flaws or parts of our bodies we don’t like. That means … keep reading

2,349 Women Reveal Why Women Test Men

Women are annoying Bitch’s!!!  Am I right? We ask questions. We put up road blocks. We continuously TEST you over and over and over again…. Or so it may seem. What if you were to look at all of this … keep reading

Why Women Are So Mean & How To Turn Things Around (Podcast)

Did you hear about that # on twitter where women were submitted suggestions on how to waste a man’s time????  For a couple of weeks it was just about everywhere. I’ve actually posted a few samples of tweets from the … keep reading

My Mexican Lover & How He Got Me

Last week I told you all about the guy who failed massively while attempting to pick me up in Mexico. If you didn’t see that post go here: ==> And this week I’m going to tell you about what this … keep reading

Episode 31: Science of Attraction – What Women REALLY Want

So it finally happened!!! I got David Buss, the author of my new favorite book “The Evolution of Desire” to be a guest on our show. You know that book that I keep promising to do a whole episode on? … keep reading

How To Pass A Woman’s Tests When In A Relationship

Just got the best email ever!! Read below: Hi Marni, I just wanted to thank you for saving my relationship. It’s this girl that I have these immense feelings for, but I somehow managed to fuck up our relationship, so she broke … keep reading

The Truth About Why Women Test Men

As a woman who has ‘tested’ men, and as a wing girl who has received tons of emails about this subject; I wanted to tell you guys the truth about one of the most common dating problems: TESTS. Or as … keep reading

Why Pick Up Artists & The Game Ruins Your Chances With Women [Video]

Pick Up Artists and  “The Game” is bulls*&t. Sorry but it’s true.  I have had one on one encounters with many of the “TOP” PUA’s and most of them can’t even make proper eye contact with me. Their “Game” only … keep reading

Why Pick Up Artists Give Bad Advice

Just when I think I have taken men two steps forward, I get emails like the one below. Emails from guys telling me they have stumbled upon Pick Up Artist materials or advice from a “reputable resource” that their friends … keep reading

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