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Tips For Meeting Women and Combating Rejection: Get The Mentality of a Salesman

I always say that you have to have the mentality of a strong, confident, successful sales man to survive in the world of dating. Why? Because dating and meeting women require you to have the ability to laugh in the … keep reading

What To Say To A Naked Woman

I came across an amazing article while I was reading my man’s Men’s Health magazine. It was called What To Say To A Naked Woman.  The article is based on a survey conducted by the magazine where they surveyed over … keep reading

Why Do Women Flake On Plans?

Why do women flake on plans? Have you ever made plans with a women and then 30 minutes before meeting she sends you a text saying “Totally forgot. I have plans to meet my grandmother and can’t make it” or … keep reading

Do You Have The Presence Women Want?

As I always say information is key and recently I was challenged to elaborate on the information that I provide. You may or not know but women like to be challenged so I was more than happy to accept!   … keep reading

Making Connections With Women

Making connections with women can be a tough feat for those that do understand the importance of connecting. If you are not able to CONNECT to a woman she will NEVER want to be with you long term. Connections are … keep reading

Attracting Women & Finance Require Very Similar Skills

In my opinion attracting women and succeeding in the financial world require the exact same skills. Both require confidence, comfort, strategy and the possible risk. They also do not leave room for regret or the Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldas, which I … keep reading

Attracting Women: Do Looks Matter?

I wanted to share an interesting, yet common story about attracting women. I am sure many times in your life you have been walking down the street and saw a beautiful women with an unattractive man and said to yourself … keep reading

Too Much Outer Game Can Ruin Chances With Women

I am constantly getting emails from men around the world asking for advice on women. I thought I would share one of these emails with you because I think it is something you can learn from. This email was written … keep reading

7 Ways To Create Sexual Chemistry With Women

A lot of men are constantly asking me “How do can I escalate from friends to sexual attraction?”. Escalating is easier than one might think.  All it really involves is believing that you are sexual and stating your intentions. The … keep reading

What Do I Talk To Women About?

What do I talk to women about? ANYTHING There is no wrong conversation to have with a woman. Well maybe except how you are a big fan of XXX rated porn. But even that, with the right woman, may be … keep reading