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Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been hanging out with a girl, you’re into her, and you think she’s into you. Then one day you make a move and she tells you she just wants to be friends.   … keep reading

Ask Women Podcast Live Event At Hollywood Improv

I cordially invite you to join me and the team from The Ask Women Podcast for our first ever LIVE recording of our podcast!! Get your tickets here: ==> To be honest, you may have myself and Kristen all … keep reading

A Lesson In Re-Framing; How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Have I ever told you about re-framing?? I’m sure you’ve heard of it before but I want to talk about in terms of attraction, approaching and dating because it’s super important. I’ll tell you a little story first and then … keep reading

How To Be Mysterious With Women and Avoid Being A Douchebag

I got an email recently that perturbed me. It perturbed me because it gave me flashbacks to the many times when I experienced what this guy was asking about BUT from the other end. I wanted to share it with … keep reading

Body Language Tips For Men: Don’t Ever Do This With Women

What I am about to explain to you is very important. So PLEASE pay close attention.  It’s something that you should NEVER, EVER do to a woman. A guy at the gym did this to me this morning and I … keep reading

Why She Flaked On You – It’s Not Always What You Think

She Blew You Off!!!! What a Biatch right? Well not necessarily. Read on… Has that ever happened to you?? You go on a few dates with a woman. You may kiss her, hold hands, touch… All the good stuff. And … keep reading

Never Say “Can’t”!

I have a quickie for you to help get your week started on the right note A friend of mine sent me this clip and I cried after watching it… It’s amazing the limitations we put on ourselves when it … keep reading

The “Switch” That’ll Turn Women On To You

I got this amazing email from a guy this morning… He talks about what really clicked with him from hearing my advice and where he missed the mark before. You see a lot of guys are told that they need … keep reading

“10 Free Sessions?” (Don’t Be That Guy!)

“10 Free sessions” is what was recently promised to my new Wing Girl Karla by a trainer at the gym. Now, we all know that trainers NEVER offer up 10 f.ree sessions at the gym. That is just crazy… How … keep reading

Flirting Lessons From Lesbians

So I’m pretty obsessed with the new show Orange Is The New Black… And NATURALLY I was able to find an AMAZING example of how to flirt with women & get their attention Watch this video now to find out … keep reading