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You’re A Risk She’s Willing To Take!

If you ever wondered if a woman was genuinely interested in you or just being POLITE… Or even why women give you their phone numbers…only to NEVER respond or call back… I have a HILARIOUS explanation for you The truth … keep reading

Turn Your Stress Into Success With Women

The video below is a woman at a ted talk explaining how she has totally changed her view on stress because research showed that stress isn’t as bad for us as we thought. It’s just bad if you view it … keep reading

[VIDEO] How To Stop Looking Creepy and BOMBING With Hot Girls

So as you may know…I have a new SMOKIN HOT latina Wing Girl named Karla… She’s brand new to LA and there’s a common theme to meeting men out here: Every guy keeps COMPLETELY bombing with her! Most of them … keep reading

[AUDIO] Why You’re In The Friend Zone

  The other day I wrote about how my new Wing Girl, Karla, got this text from a guy that would help him avoid getting into the Friend Zone… And how his text actually worked in getting her interested in … keep reading

Do You Wanna Be More Than “Just Friends”?

Women can be freaking tough to read… Do they want to be friends? Do they want to be MORE???? This is one of the most annoying and frustrating things you have to face with women and I totally get it. … keep reading

How To Avoid Getting “Dumber” Around Hot Girls

So I had an interesting talk the other day with dating coach, Jon Sinn. One thing he talked about was this thing called “The Halo Effect.” Basically, it’s a psychological phenomena that occurs when we see good looking people…and automatically … keep reading

What Dating Used To Be (And Probably How It Still Should Be)

Everybody loves an “Oldy but Goody!” And this especially applies when it comes to dating practices. While we’ve come a long way from the days of calling her on her LANDLINE and meeting her parents while she gets ready upstairs…there … keep reading

We Women Still Love Men! (#YESALLWOMEN)

In light of the Santa Barbara shootings…the movement of #YESALLWOMEN has begun to surface all over social media… You’ve probably seen it yourself… Women writing things about gender inequality and the awful things we go through because of it. In response … keep reading

Are You Too Needy With Women?

A lot of my clients always tell me, “Marni how do I be assertive without looking needy?” Unfortunately, most guys act REALLY needy when it comes to talking to a girl…asking for her number…or trying to get her to hang out. AND … keep reading

Exercise: How To Ask A Woman Out

My sister is visiting me this weekend and last night we had a WILD girls night. Like first year of college wild. So wild you wouldn’t believe!!! Wanna know what we did? We stayed in and watched that life of … keep reading