3 Steps To Make A Girl Laugh Within Seconds of Meeting Her

You already know how important it is to make a girl laugh if you want her to be interested… But has anyone ever taught you exactly HOW to be funny?

Believe it or not, being funny is a skill, and just like any other skill, it can be learned!
Every girl will tell you that they want a man that will “make them laugh,” but what exactly does it mean to make a girl laugh? Throughout my life, I have met many men who have been able to “make me laugh.” Yet I was only attracted to a small number of them. In fact, the men that made me laugh the most were the overly funny ones or the entertainers, as I like to call them. They were typically the ones I would be-friend and latch onto to help me get more comfortable around the guys I actually wanted.

See, there is a difference between “being the funny guy” and having a good sense of humor.

The funny guy is the entertainer. The one that could definitely make me laugh, but never really seemed to have anything to say.

The guy with a good sense of humor is much more balanced and well rounded.  When a man has a good sense of humor, it signals to a woman that he is fun, playful, and does not take the world too seriously BUT can still be serious if needed.

A good sense of humor will always get you much further with women rather then simply being ‘that funny guy.’

So how can you learn to have a good sense of humor?  You learn how to have a good sense of humor the same way you learn every other skill. Through excellent guidance, solid information, and tons of practice. Which is what I am about to give you!

I sat down with my good friend Zach who owns the company Social Fluency. He and his team have claimed to have “cracked the comedy code” and show you how you can easily create funny things to say out of thin air and make any girl crack up.

Before telling you about Zach, I wanted to be sure that he wasn’t teaching how to be ONLY “the funny guy.” In fact, he’s doing just the opposite. He’s teaching guys how to have high status humor (a.k.a – a good sense of humor)

Here I have two FREE resources for you below:

1. Audio interview I did with Zach

It contains solid, actionable information explaining:

How having high status humor will make you more attractive.

– Why women are attracted to high status humor.

– How to correctly use observation to create humor around you at all times.

– How to easily spice up boring conversations.

– What is funny and what is not.

– How to use Accusation Humor to start conversations with women. (20:06)

2. A video that Zach has made on what he calls Attraction Alchemy.

Attraction Alchemy is the Process of turning a woman’s challenges into Attraction.

The video gives several examples of:

– What to say when a woman challenges you to pass her challenge and make her want you.

– How to handle a challenge with high status humor.

– Why women challenge men and what to do to stop it.

Click Below to Listen:
[How To Make Women Laugh]

Click Here to watch the video of Zach and learn how to make a girl laugh from  your high status humor within seconds of meeting her.

The program is pure genius. I’ve never seen anybody break down exactly how to make a girl laugh like they do.

So get started on becoming the one guy she’s finally laughing with instead of the other guys she’s laughing AT.

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