Holiday Sale 2014 Wrap Up

2014 Edition

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What You Are Getting Today

You are getting 7 of my best tele conference interviews for the price of 2!!!  That’s over a 75% discount!!! 

Every year, I do my best to give you all the answers you are looking for women it comes to women. Which is why, I only the select the best of the best for each of my tele conferences.  This year was jam packed full of awesome tele conferences that not only delivered amazing advice and information but also actionable steps for you to easily follow.

This Years Package Includes:


  • How To Boldly State Your Intentions With Women – Improvisation Expert Annie – (MP3)
  • Why Women Like Bad Boys and How To Make Them Choose You Over Them – Marni and Nina – (MP3)
  • How To Have Attractive, CONFIDENT Body Language – Marni and Connor – (MP3)
  • Identifying Different Types of Women and How To Approach Them – Marni and Brian – (MP3)
  • How to Flirt & Talk To Women – Marni and her amazing Wing Girl Jessica – (MP3)
  • Do’s and Don’ts For Successful Dating – Marni, Tiffany and Courtney – (VIDEO)
  • How To Kiss A Girl The Right Way – Interview with Marni and Sexpert Brianna – (MP3)
  • BONUS #1: 1 Week of Email Coaching With Marni!
  • BONUS #2: What Turns Latina Women On –  Marni and Wing Girl Karla (MP3)
  • BONUS #3: A Copy of Marni’s Best Selling Book – Get Inside Her!
  • BONUS #4: How To Approach, Charm and Talk To Women @ Holiday Time – Marni and Jason Capital  – (MP3 )


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The first program you’ll be seeing when you get your end of year package is…

How To Boldly State Your Intentions With Women

A Tele Conference (MP3) with Improvisation expert (and my teacher) Annie. It’s funny how many of the principles used in Improvisation are very similar to meeting and dating women.  Annie and I discuss:

1. How to be clear on your intentions with women without freaking them out or appearing CREEPY

2. Techniques you can use instantly use on women so you can increase your success level with women for: approaches, asking on dating and escalating sexually

3. Exercises you can do to become a natural at stating your intentions with women

And so much more!

Next you’ll get…

Why Women Like Bad Boys and
How To Make Them Choose You Over Them

A Tele Conference (MP3) with former Wing Girl and my best (single) friend, Nina. During this call Nina reveals to me:

1. What it is about bad boys that women find so appealing (It’s not the things you think)

2. Why women stay with bad boys even when they are really really bad to them

3. What you can do to a woman that is dating a bad boy that will make her leave him and want you instead

4. Mistakes nice guys make with women and how to never make those mistakes again

And so much more!!

Next you’ll get…


How To Have Attractive, CONFIDENT Body Language

A Tele Conference (MP3) with Tao of Badass Head Coach Connor where he reveals to me:

1. How to express confidence through your body language

2. The top mistakes men are making with their body language that turn off women instantly

3. How to have an attractive walk and standing stance that women find attractive

4. What to do with your hands and face when talking to women so that they want you more

And so much more!!

Next you’ll get…


Identifying Different Types of Women and How To Approach Them

A Tele Conference (MP3) with Pandora’s Box co-creator Brian Burke where we discuss:

1. How different women respond to different approaches

2. How to decipher what “TYPE” a woman is

3. The 3 questions to ask that will tell you what “TYPE” a woman is

4. Different lines to say to the women once you distinguish what type they are

And so much more!!

** This interview had a rough start BUT after about 15 minutes Brian finally delivered on solid, actionable advice and guidance

Next you’ll get…

How to Flirt & Talk To Women

A tele conference with my top Wing Girl Jessica where we give you step by step instructions on what to say to women and how to flirt with women.  Jessica gives away 2 awesome techniques that you can use instantly.

Topics covered on call:

1) What to say to women to establish sexual intent rather than a friendship

2) How to Make Small Talk Sexy, Fun, Playful…

3) How to use conversation to create attraction in a woman you’re interacting with  (And Never Again Worry About ‘What to Say Next’…or Awkward Silences)”

4) Tools that will help you avoid having nothing to talk about or getting stuck in boring interview mode

5) How to create a sexual connection with a woman only using your words

6) How to be vulnerable with women so that she doesn’t see you as wimpy OR think she can walk all over you.

7) Four examples you can use tonight to get girls crazy for you… (these work even if you’re not naturally outgoing)

8) A simple tools that creates “conversation momentum” which keeps the talk flowing, makes her laugh, and builds sexual tension

9) One simple and discreet phrase to “inject” into your conversation with a woman- that instantly catapults you out of the friend zone…and gets her thinking of you as a potential lover… (trust me, once you put this in her brain…. She literally can’t help but picture having sex with you)

10) The importance of voice tonality

11) How conversation changes once you begin dating and how to do it, PLUS a ton more

Next you’ll get…

Do’s and Don’ts For Successful Dating 

A Tele Conference (VIDEO) with single girls in their 20’s where we discuss:

1. Top date ideas that girls in their 20’s love. HINT: Dinner dates are not a good date idea

2. How to ask for the date and what to say/text before the date to insure she shows up

3. #1 you should NEVER do before a date . Doing this may make her flake and think you are creepy/needy

4. Signs a woman is NOT interested in you

5. Top things guys do on dates that turn women off

6. Signs she’s into you vs. wants to be friends with you

And so much more!!

Next you’ll get…

How To Kiss A Girl The Right Way

A 1 hour tele conference with Sexpert Brianna where she gives exact instructions on how to kiss a girl the right way!

Topics covered on call:

1) How to go in for the kiss so that you DON’T GET REJECTED!

2) The types of kisses women LOVE and the types of kisses women hate and tell their friends about

3) How to be sexual without coming off creepy

4) How to give a girl a kiss that will make her toes curl and her heart beat fast

5) How to create a sexual connection with women so that they feel comfortable with you

6) How to show her you’re a sexual leader PLUS a ton more



1 Week of FREE Email Coaching With Marni!!



Marni’s Best Selling Book

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.22.14 PM

PLUS A Bonus Tele Conference

How To Approach, Charm
and Talk To Women @ Holiday Time

A 1 Hour Tele Conference (MP3) with Charm Expert Jason Capital where we discuss:

1. How to approach women, charm them and what to say to get them to want to talk to you

2. The T.I.T.S Method. Ha.  It’s freaking awesome and can be used instantly on the women around you.

3. Templates for conversation starters and continuer’s

4. Where to take women on dates that are out of the box and interesting so you don’t seem like just another guy taking her on a boring date

5. Quick and fun games to play with women that get them attracted and wanting you to stay by their side the whole night

6. How to walk away from women so that they want you even more

And so much more!!!


PLUS A 2nd Bonus Tele Conference

What Turns Latina Women On  & What Turns Them Off

A Tele Conference (MP3) with Latina Wing Girl Karla where we discuss:

1. What Latina women find attractive and what turns them off completely

2. Mistakes men have made when approaching her

3. What makes her want to date a man or sleep with him

4. How to approach a group of girls in a public place and what not to do

5. Why a sense of humor can beat out looks every time

And so much more!!

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OK, So Here’s The Deal…

Each of the 7 MP3 programs you’re getting today are sold individually for up to $47.

And the guys that have purchased each of these individual programs all insist that I could have charged more!

But because it’s the holidays and I am still riding the high from winning my Best Dating Blog award, I want to give you all 7 programs for the just $34.99!!!!!!

I’m only giving 100 copies of this End of Year package and once the 100 copies get sold – THAT’S IT!!

This package is jam packed with the best materials and interviews I have done in 2013 and I want you to do have it so that your 2015 starts off right!!!

And it’s yours with just the click of a button.

Just click on the big green button below, fill out the form and all the information is yours instantly.

Have a happy holiday season, a great new years and I look forward to hearing all your success stories in 2013!

– Marni

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’ll try out everything in the Holiday… use as I wish.. and if I’m not COMPLETELY satisfied,
I can get a full refund. It’s as simple as that. All it takes is a quick email to Marni and that’s it.

No questions asked. You get an immediate refund within 60 days of purchase!

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