How To Understand Men

My Interview With Dating Expert To Women: Michael Fiore

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I have to say that what you are about to listen to is one of my most favorite interviews.

As you know for the past decade I have only worked with men to help them understand women so that they can attract, date and be with the women they want.  So I am used to talking to other male experts who also give advise to men.  This interview is very different. It’s my first interview with an expert that coaches women on how to understand men and I must say it was amazing!

It’s so funny because most of the advice given was very similar to the advice I give to guys. Which showed me just how similar our wants are when it comes to men and women.

The expert I interviewed is an amazing man and friend, Michel Fiore I’m not going to do a long run down of his bio but I will tell you Michael is a man that gets it, gets women and knows how to teach women how to get the men they want. Michael worked with thousands of women around the world and helped them get the men they want and learn how to understand men.

Check out our 1 hour interview where we discuss:

1. How and where to find men that are “good enough” for you

2. How to overcome shyness with men so that you ALWAYS know what to talk about and what to say

3. How your “List” may be keeping you from finding the right man

4. 1 thing you can do right now to get more quality, good men in your life

5. How to tell the difference between selective and being too picky

6. What to say to any man to get him to do what you want and how to say it!

7. Why positive reinforcement with men will get you everything you’ve ever wanted with men 😉

8. What men ultimately want from women

9. What LOVE means to men and why it’s so different from what it means to women

Plus tons of other useful tips and information that will improve your dating life right now!

Michael was amazing on the call, plus his voice is very sexy so I had no problem keeping him on the phone for so long 😉

I really want you to listen to what Michael has to say and take it in. If you need to, listen to this interview again and again because what he says is so important to your dating life and life with men.

The resources Michael talks about during our interview, as well as a download of the interview are all available below.

Additional Resources:

MP3 of the full interview: Download The Interview Here

[Video] Does He Love You: Watch It Here

Text The Romance Back: Watch The Video Here

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