Why Men Cheat and How To Stop It From Happening To You

My Interview With Dating Expert To Women: Nadine Niski

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Why or why do men cheat? Or people cheat for that matter.  I don’t know if you have ever been cheated on, or cheated on someone but cheating is awful.  The thing is that cheated doesn’t always happen because the person cheating has bad intentions and wants to hurt the other person. It happens for sooooo many reasons but the most common reason is lack of appreciation and desire for attention.

Luckily my friend and dating coach, Nadine Niski knows ALL about why men cheat and what to do to stop it happening to you. Whether you are in a long term relationship, just started dating or even single. The guidance and advice that Nadine gives in this interview will help you from ever being cheated on!

Check out our interview where we discuss:

1. Why men cheat

2. How to know if he is cheating – signs and signals to look for

3. What you can do to avoid being cheated on OR being a cheater

4. Red Flag indicators that tell you from the beginning whether or not he’s a cheater

5. Examples of what to say to him to avoid cheating

6. How to confront him if you think he’s cheating so that you can get closer instead of destroying your relationship

Plus tons of other useful tips and information that will improve your  life with men right now!

Additional Resources:

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