How To Avoid Getting “Dumber” Around Hot Girls

dumb20f-1-webSo I had an interesting talk the other day with dating coach, Jon Sinn.

One thing he talked about was this thing called “The Halo Effect.”

Basically, it’s a psychological phenomena that occurs when we see good looking people…and automatically assume they’re smarter, more productive, honest…or


I know a lot of my personal coaching clients get hung up on thinking they need to “prove” they’re good enough to talk to hot girls…

So they get all up in their heads, get too nervous, and eventually bomb when they try to talk to her.

And this reinforces their mindset about, “See?  I can’t approach hot girls.”

Jon talks more about this in this short audio clip…and explains exactly how to come off as confident and charming to ANY hot girl you meet.

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As you heard, Jon’s simple reframe about how you can look at women differently is the difference between getting too nervous to talk to women…and getting EXCITED to approach women!

My favorite part was Jon saying that it’s been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that men become “dumber” around hotter girls!

Which makes sense as to why a lot of men are worried about “looking dumb” in front of women when they approach them…

Because they LITERALLY become “dumber.”

But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore…because with the right mental programming…you can easily stop yourself from thinking “hot girl = better than me.”

And once you make that vital change to your mental framework…your possibilities with women becomes endless…

In fact, if you listen to the entire interview, Jon talks about all his trials and errors in finding and fine-tuning the right approaches and conversations with women.

Now, imagine if you DIDN’T have to freeze up ever again…if you knew EXACTLY what it took to walk up to ANY beautiful woman you wanted and know DAMN WELL that she would ask for YOUR number within minutes of talking…

You’d probably wanna know how it’s done right?

Well, sure enough, I have exactly what you need to get just that…

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The best part is that I’ve already mapped out an entire step-by-step system for approaching and talking to women…for building your confidence in ways that brings women towards YOU…

So that you don’t have to endure anymore stress or heartache over losing more beautiful women in your life.

With the right state of mind, the right tools, and the knowledge of how to use those tools in any situation…you can have any and every woman you come across.

And that’s exactly what I know you need and what I plan on giving you, should you accept it 😉

So find out how Jon Sinn was able to finally become the dating master he is today…and how you can bypass the long tiresome journey to becoming a dating master right now.

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