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From: Marni, Your Personal Wing Girl

What if you could peak inside a woman’s mind? Know exactly what to say to make her turned on to make her want you.

See most guys have no clue as to what makes a woman turned on.  They may have theories about what turns a woman on but as men they will never truly know what gets us women hot and excited for you. What makes us want to go home with you for a night, pick up the phone when you call or go on a second date with you.

But I’m a woman.

I know exactly what women need to hear you say and do before they’ll ever give you a shot.  Whether it’s that one girl you’ve been chasing for years or a new girl you just walked past on the street, I’m going to show you how to easily catch their attention and make them want you.

My job, as your Wing Girl, is to give you insider access to  woman’s mind so that you will always know what she’s thinking, what she wants and how to give it to her – IN EVERY SITUATION!!!

Women are a total mystery… NOT ANY MORE 😉

[content_box_red width=”75%”]WARNING: What I’m About To Teach You Will Make Many Women Furious & Is Extremely Controversial. This Material MUST Be Used Responsibly[/content_box_red]

Because what you’re about to discover has the potential to be VERY damaging to women if it falls into the wrong hands. And as a woman myself, I simply cannot let that happen.

So please, please, please… be clear that once you use this process and become the kind of guy who can turn woman on and make them feel attraction in an instant… you will NOT use it to intentionally manipulate, hurt or break the heart of any woman.

I’m very serious. Can you give me your word on that?

If so, great—let’s me tell you about…

The System That Has Given
Thousands of “Nice Guys” The Power To Make Women Want, Crave & Desire You…


To become instantly attractive women, you must begin by getting all the BS myths and lies out of your head. Otherwise, you’ll never understand women on a visceral level.

In this first section, you’ll discover:

  • 8 Essential Facts, Myths, and Urban Legends about women revealed (each of these quietly weaken you and kill your ability to take action at key moments with women you want)
  • The single biggest misunderstanding you have about women right now…
  • Why women love and want sex 10x more than you do (and how to leverage this secret to drive her wild)
  • 3 powerful “aha” insights that instantly multiply your confidence in ways that women can feel the moment they meet you!

And so much more.

This first section of the program is like performing surgery on your brain—eliminating false ideas about women that are killing your ability to create attraction now.


Once you remove the myths and lies about women from your mind—it’s time to rebuild.

This section helps you quickly develop empowering, sexy, attractive beliefs around women and attraction that separate you from any other guy she meets.

You’ll discover:

  • How to understand, accept and be comfortable with who you really are at the core—especially in the presence of a beautiful woman (This is HOT, especially because most guys try to change who they are or impress us)
  • The simple secret that allows you to implant empowering new beliefs about women and dating—directly into your subconscious—within minutes!
  • Discover what YOU want, who YOU want, what YOUR boundaries are with women (and how to unleash your natural “male charisma” so that women are automatically drawn to you)
  • Figure out what about you and your unique personality is most appealing to women—and how to highlight those parts of you for maximum attraction in minimum time!

And more.

You’ll notice an immediate and undeniable effect on your confidence and sense of power as you move this process… and it’s only the second step!


While it’s important to create instant attraction—it only matters if you can SUSTAIN it.

And unless the biggest do’s and don’ts when it comes to women, you’ll quickly sabotage any of the desire she feels in your presence.

For instance:

  • The common way most guys ask for her number that leads to instant rejection…
  • The single worst place to take her on a first date!
  • How to properly go in for the first kiss (and why most guys completely screw this up and ruin their chances)
  • The most natural (and non-creepy!) ways to turn her on and “get physical”—starting the first time you meet her…

Plus tons more.

This section will help you navigate the minefield that most guys fail to understand… ensuring that you keep the attraction going—and intensify it—over time.


Have you ever been with a woman… had things going well, and then suddenly she got cold?

Chances are, she was into you and wanted more… but then YOU did something to sabotage the attraction.

I see it all the time. That’s why I created this section of the system—so that you eliminate painful self-sabotage and take full advantage of the desire you create.

You’ll discover:

  • How to eliminate your negative thought cycle and begin thinking in ways that make you confident and self-assured in the presence of women…
  • The fastest way (by far!) to get over the fear of rejection (this is a must if you’re ever going to be bold with women)…
  • How to STOP making excuses when you see a woman you want to talk to or date…
  • The “5 second rule”—where I show you what to be thinking when you first meet her so that she feels instantly safe and magnetically drawn to you…

And so much more.

If you ever want lasting success with women—whether your goal is to be in casual relationships or find the girl of your dreams—ending the pattern of self-sabotage most guys experience is crucial.

This step will make sure that’s never a problem for you again.


Unless you’re Brad Pitt—chances are, women will NOT approach you. Which means you’ll have to initiate meetings and conversations in order for them to feel fully attracted and drawn to you…

This section shows you all the best, most natural ways to walk up to women and create fun, flirty, attractive conversations.

And it works because it’s based on WHAT WE WOMEN ACTUALLY WANT.

In other words, this isn’t about annoying, BS routines that were designed in some pickup artist bubble… it’s the real stuff that excites beautiful women and makes them want to get to know you.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Eliminate “approach anxiety” in seconds (hint: it’s all about your mindset as you think about walking up to her!)
  • 5 rules for that first conversation (break any one of these, and she’ll usually find a reason to leave—FAST!)
  • The #1 sexiest thing a guy can say within minutes of speaking to us…
  • How to NEVER run out of interesting things to say—EVER!

And way more than I can list here.

This section will be a lifesaver for you if you’ve ever struggled to approach or talk to a woman that caught your eye…


Once you’ve gone through the previous steps, you’ll be ready to put it all together.

This last step in the process integrates everything you’ve learned become—turning you into a new man. A man who is instantly appealing and hot to even the most selective women.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Master the 3 Top Qualities Women Find Attractive! (These are NOT what you read about in books, magazines or pickup programs!)
  • An 18-minute video that teaches you how to “embed” this new way of being into your personality (everyone will think you’re just “naturally good” with women after you do this)
  • 3 months worth of step-by-step follow up exercises so you can hone your skills let the most confident version of your personality shine through
  • The 1 biggest mistake most guys make which causes them to LOSE all the attractive qualities they built up…

Plus dozens more tips, tricks and secrets that ONLY we women know and can teach you…

Here’s Just Some of What You Will Discover
  • How to develop powerful body language skills & habits that instantly make any woman feel attraction for you… you’ll experience changes so dramatic, you’ll have women you aren’t even interested at all feeling that uncomfortable “butterflies in the stomach” crushes on you… (It is THAT good!)
  • How to touch a woman the right way upon first meeting her (without creeping or freaking her out) that can easily lead to hand-holding, closing with a kiss or even bringing her home later
  • Techniques and best practices you can use to build instant connection & rapport to get a woman you’ve just met to completely open herself up to you & secretly have that “Oh my God, we’re so meant to be together!” thought as you’re talking to her.
  • How to QUADRUPLE your chances of getting a woman you really like to respond positively to you when you approach her, call to invite her to hang out, or even make a move to “get physical”
  • Exactly why women put certain types of men in the dreaded “Friend Zone” and the 3 critical things guys must do every time when they’re with women to stay far away from it (you won’t get this information anywhere, not in the local library, bookstores, the Internet, I too was stunned when I found out about it)!
  • The 5 biggest mistakes most guys make when “trying to be funny” with women that turns them off completely (If you don’t know what these mistakes are, and it’s closely related to their deep cultural roots, chances are you’re making it with almost every woman you talk to without you realizing it)
    I Will To Do The Same For You!!!

More of What You Will Learn:

  • Instead of just learning little “tricks” and lines to say (which women easily see as fake & manipulative), if you want to experience long-term success with women, it’s about how to build the kind of lifestyle you’ve always wanted – with YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, and YOUR mission… Because if you do that, women will follow you.
  • A simple technique on how to smoothly walk up to ANY woman and strike up fun-filled, playful, flirtatious conversations and instantly have her feeling that funny ‘I don’t know what’s with this guy, but I just want to be around him’ vibe within the first few minutes of interaction.
  • How to mesmerize and have ANY woman to DO whatever you WANT them to do… however “closed off” and “cold” they may be… this is as REAL as it gets as you discover how to “control the flow”, calibrate with a woman’s emotional state and give herself ENTIRELY to you within minutes of talking to her…
  • The 4 biggest differences between nice guys that DO attract women they want and nice guys that DON’T (or settles for women they don’t really want)… and how to use your natural kindness to give you a distinct advantage over the “jerks” and the “bad boys”
  • How to make a woman think about you all the time… even when you haven’t talked to her for days!
  • How to amplify the sexual chemistry & create playful “sexual tension” when you’re on a date with a woman that turns her on so powerfully, she’ll be thinking about you day and night… agonizing to go out on a 2nd, 3rd, 4th date with you again…
  • Learn how to BE the one who leads and controls the dynamics between the both of you (These techniques has NEVER been revealed anywhere else before).
  • what women want, attract women, wing girlThe 7 things you can do RIGHT NOW to GUARANTEE a woman will be attracted to you when you spend time with her… even if you don’t have a lot of experience in this area!
  • How to design your life so the success you want with woman happens AUTOMATICALLY (I’m going to share my proven methods for getting women to come into your life without having to do the actual “work” of going out to meet them)

And Even More…


  • wing girl, attract women, what women wantFlirting conversation techniques — how to continuously tease women & spin off endless conversational topics to keep groups of women engaged in hours of in pure flirting fun.
  • Creating attraction in a woman usually takes more than just saying the right things… it requires a special combination of humor, flirting, body language, inner game, attitude, and other vitally important elements. You’ll learn how it all connects to one another here…
  • The 6 secret reasons why women have “one night stands” and sleep with a man quickly (Yes, you can use these secrets to get a woman into bed the same night you meet her)
  • The 3 powerful ways to project that you are “high quality”, sexy and “good long term potential” mate to a woman immediately upon meeting her without actually saying a word!
  • Exposed! The crucial things a woman needs to “sense” about your personality before she’ll ever consider being with you sexually a partner (If you’ve ever had a good date or two with a woman only to end up NEVER seeing her again, it’s probably because you FAILED to convey these traits… I’ll show you how to project these powerful attributes quickly and easily, so women can sense it)
  • A down and dirty look into the true art of using teasing & playful conversation techniques to create sexual chemistry with the woman you’re with… even if you are of a more “uptight” character ie. someone who’s not the “playful”, “fun” sort of guy!
  • Wing Girl, what women wantA step-by-step system any guy can use to become the type of cool, sexually confident & charismatic man that women LOVE to be with
  • Every single thing you do or say can either increase or decrease attraction… learn how to turn this to your advantage and make the most of every communication, action, gesture, and situation (this is advanced game at work… not for beginners
  • … and a whole lot more!


This system will easily save you $1000’s in fruitless dates, expensive gift-buying and save you YEARS of time and frustration!


Get The Full System
Today So You Can Get That Woman You Want

In 60 days you will be a MAN who…

  • Can pick and choose the women he wants and doesn’t settle for what he can get
  • Approaches women without fear of rejection
  • Can start and carry on conversations with women that create attraction
  • Is a natural leader
  • Oozes sexuality
  • Know the rules of the game
  • Is independent and not needy of a woman
  • Meets women every where he goes
  • Has everything he has ever wanted with women and more

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Don’t Take My Word For It.
Here’s What Others Have Said

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Randy – The 32 Year Old EX-Virgin

“Randy was a client of mine in 2007. He came to me as a 32 year old virgin and within 1 year he had met and married the women of his dreams. Click Play and watch his story.”


Paron – 41 Year Old

“Paron was your typical “Nice Guy” that women are never attracted to. He and I worked together a few times and concentrated on the way he presents himself to women. He is now a proud Nice Guy who not only gets the girls but also gets their respect.”






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  • Bonus #5 –Understanding The Science Behind Attraction and What Makes Women FEEL Attraction by Dr. Ben Karney ($39.99)
  • Bonus #6 – How To Build Your Own Social Circle Blueprint. Step-by-step instruction on how to build a social circle women desire to be a part of (Value $49.99)
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  • How to Become A Man Women Want

And also receive…

  • 1 Week of UNLIMITED email coaching with Marni. Get super-personalized advice instantly.
  • Spilling The Beans With David DeAngelo on What Women Want
  • How To Approach, Start Conversations & Get Dates With Any Woman You Want…
  • How Not To Fall Into The “Friend Zone” by Carlos Xuma’s
  • Understanding The Science Behind Attraction and What Makes Women FEEL Attraction by Dr. Ben Karney

Regular Price: $439.95

Your Price: $77

Wishing you success with women,

PS: This entire program was created to show you the secrets we women WISHED guys knew about how to turn us on! I assure you, you will NEVER find these secrets anywhere else at any price, and we personally guarantee you will get the girl you want the very first time you use them! If you’re unsatisfied with it for any reason… We’ll refund every cent of your money, no questions asked, no hard feelings 🙂

What excuse could you possibly have for waiting? Claim your copy now!

P.P.S Remember, if you order now, you get 1 FREE week of email coaching with me!!!!

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