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Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.22.14 PMHey you,

My name’s Marni and I wanna share with you EVERYTHING inside the female mind…

What makes her smile…

What makes her give you her number…

What turns her on…

And what makes her think that you’re the only guy she wants…in her heart and in her bed.

coupleEven if you haven’t met her yet…haven’t mustered up the right words to say to her…if she has a boyfriend…usually only goes for the cocky, arrogant type…hell, EVEN if she already told you she’s not interested in you…

Once you know all the secret attraction triggers inside the female mind…SHE’LL WANT YOU and ONLY YOU!

Most guys ask other guys for advice on women…and if they’re lucky enough to hear from another female…well they often get the sugar-coated version of, “You’re great!  You just haven’t found her yet…”

But after years of extensive research and helping thousands of men get REAL results with the women they want…I’m here to give it ALL to you straight.

So if you’re tired of hearing the same “Keep trying!” advice from other people, the same clueless advice from other guys who have NO IDEA what it’s like to be a woman looking for a man…then this is definitely the book for you.

Knowing what a woman truly wants and yearns for in a man…and knowing how to create an intense, involuntary want IN her…that’s something a man can never teach you…because he PHYSICALLY has no idea how female lust and attraction works!

So what I’ve created for you is a basic guide and roadmap to breaking down her barriers and unlocking the doors to her hidden desires…so that you can direct any woman you want into uncontrollably wanting YOU.

This program contains exclusive tips to help get you out TONIGHT…including:

  • The common traps that most men fall into…and how to spot them awhile away to avoid falling into the Friend Zone
  • The one unique difference between coming off as a “friend” and a guy she wants
  • A simple trick to start stepping out of the Friend Zone without coming off as too forward or even creepy
  • Why most guys mess up and lose the girl when they try to get out of the Friend Zone…and how to avoid these common mistakes
  • How to leverage your friendship to getting closer without getting creepy

  • How to create an instant SPARK attraction with a woman you see almost every day
  • How to make her see you as sexy and irresistible…to the point where SHE starts chasing YOU

… and much much more!

You’ll be receiving super-customized steps and tips that cater to your role in the Friend Zone — so you can get out and stay out…FOR GOOD!

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#FF0000″]In ADDITION To “The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out,” You’ll Get These Exclusive Bonuses:[/headline_cufon_font_centered]


  • MP3 Interview With Ryan DRH – Ryan DRH interviewing me (mp3) on the friend zone…as I explain how to avoid it, what is it, why are guys in it and how to get out AND how to never get into it in the first place. Where I call the friend zone the “FAKE boyfriend zone” because that’s what it really is. If you actually acted like a friend the way you do with your guy friends, you’d have girls all over you. Fake boyfriend is really just a holding zone cause you’re not being yourself, your trying to please and you’re showing her how awesome it would be to date you.  I’ve also included the transcripts so you can go back and read along. ($35.98)
  • Make Small Talk Sexy: Teasing & Banter Cheat Sheets –  Bobby Rio’s guidebooks on how to flirt and banter to make small talk sexy & seductive ($34.99)
  • Text That Girl: Text Game Mastery – Race’s dePriest’s manual for texting and how to use texts to flirt and make a woman want you ($32.99)
  • Escaping The Friend Zone – Josh Pellicer’s (The infamous Tao of Badass) book on escaping the friend zone ($48.99) 


[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#000000″]All bonus materials are valued at over $150…but are yours COMPLETELY FREE of charge just for trying “The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out!” [/headline_cufon_font_centered]

A full hour of my time is usually $179 and the price to attend this hour long seminar live was $249 a person.

On top of the $150 worth of bonuses, what you’re getting from “The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out” is valued at over $580…

But you’re not gonna pay anything near that…in fact you won’t even pay HALF…

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#FF0000″]Right now “The Friend Zone:
Get Out and Stay Out” is
yours for only $47!

The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out is for every man. No matter what stage you are at with women, I’m gonna help you get exactly what you want with women…so you never have to wonder how she feels about you.  You’ll always be 100% confident that she wants YOU…and only you from now on. Whether she’s single and beyond your reach, considers you a good friend, or even dating other people…I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do and how to do it…so you can get the girl you want.  I am here to be your Wing Girl (as always)! 🙂 

This means no more wondering what she thinks about you, how she sees you, or if she’ll ever be yours…because after this program you’ll always know EXACTLY how she feels about you…

And what she’ll feel is completely and undeniably obsessed with YOU and having you for herself.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#FF0000″]Here’s What Others Say About The Friend Zone and Getting Out With My Help[/headline_cufon_font_centered]


“Marni the specificity matrix was eye opening for me. I didn’t realize that I was
presenting myself to unconfidently to women.  Now I know how to ask for what I
want and be direct with women so that they have no choice but to say YES.
You’re right, being specific and confident gets me the results I want.” – Tony, 28 (Dallas)


“loved that list of what friend vs. what I actually want. I hadn’t realized it but I’ve
been a “friend” to girls I wanted to be dating or sleeping with. I’d just been waiting
for them to notice me. Since getting your program, I’ve changed my behavior
with this girl I was friends with but wanted and I can already tell somethings
different. She’s nervous around me and acting really feminine. I’m not going to
lie, I’m loving this power. Thank you” – Mark, 38 (Marblehead, MA)


“To get this information from an honest females prospective is priceless. So I just
would just like to say how much I appreciate a woman who understands what us
guys are also going through. Your advice on the Friend Zone from a woman’s
standpoint and how us guys can get out has been invaluable. THANKS”
– Trevor, 43 (Bayville, NJ)


So, go ahead and get exclusive access to The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out…and watch the walls of your friend zone crumble as you step out and get any girl you want TONIGHT.

Just click on the yellow “Get Access Now” button and after you fill out the form, you’ll be forwarded to your personal members’ area to unlock your step-by-step instructions to walking right on out of the Friend Zone and staying out for good.

You can get out as early as tonight and never have to worry about being the “friend” or “nice guy” to any girl ever again!




  • The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out

And also receive…

  • Spilling The Beans With Ryan DRH on Getting Out of The Friend Zone
  • Text That Girl: Text Game Mastery
  • Make Small Talk Sexy: Teasing & Banter Cheat Sheets
  • The Tao of Badass’s “Escaping The Friend Zone”

Regular Price: $580.95

Your Price: $47


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[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ff0000″]If I Can’t Help You, I Don’t Want Your Money![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

That’s right! After you’ve gone through all the steps laid out in The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out, if you don’t feel you’ll have that inner power and all the tools to enjoy get the girl you want and deserve, I’ll personally refund you every cent of your $47 investment. Honesty, if I I can’t help you, I don’t want your money. That’s my promise!

You’ve got nothing to lose at this point…except the girl you’ve always wanted if you DON’T act now!

So good luck and enjoy your life outside of the Friend Zone from here on out! 😉

The Last Female Friend You’ll Ever Have,

P.S – This entire program was created to show you the secrets we women WISHED guys knew about avoiding the Friend Zone! I assure you, you will NEVER find these secrets anywhere else at any price, and I personally guarantee you will get the girl you want the very first time you use them! If you’re unsatisfied with it for any reason… I’ll refund every cent of your money, no questions asked, no hard feelings 🙂

What excuse could you possibly have for waiting?  Claim your copy now!

P.P.S – Remember, if you order now, you get an ADDITIONAL 5 bonuses at no extra charge…to help you get out of the Friend Zone for good!!!!

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