The Secrets

Secret #1: Laughter

Every SUCCESSFUL couple must be able to laugh together.
A marriage without laughter is freakin boring.

Secret #2: Common Passions

Every SUCCESSFUL couple must share common interests.
For example: music, the arts, travel OR:

Secret #3: Tolerance

Every SUCCESSFUL couple must be able to tolerate their partners family OR
be able to fake even when they have to listen to stories about Jack, the car or warehouses 6 or 7 times!!!

Secret #4: Great Friends (Who Are Not Afraid To Have A Good Time)

Every SUCCESSFUL couple must have friends who are willing to have a good time & get naked in public at any given moment. If a couple DOES NOT have these kinds of friends, the marriage is doomed.

Secret #5: Undeniable Love & Passion For One Another
(Even When Things Get Tough)

Every SUCCESSFUL couple goes through good times and bad times. What keeps them together is that deep
down they know they are meant for one another. The combination of 2 people is tough,
but it’s damn worth it if it is the right person!

To See The 6th and Final Secret

For A Successful Marriage

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