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Alpha Trait: A Strong Physical Presence

High-status men have different body language from that of the typical male. Every man, whether alpha or beta, gives off clear nonverbal indicators to women of their rank and their level of attractiveness. Let’s first look at how most guys carry themselves, and then we’ll focus on how to display the body language of a powerful male in order to increase attraction and interest from women.

Low Status Body Language

Most guys fidget. They’re nervous, and it shows. Their weight shifts from leg to leg. When they’re out at a bar, they hold their drink close to their chest and frequently take sips. They don’t take up much physical space, literally.

And that’s when they’re by themselves. When they talk to women and other men, it gets worst: they’re afraid to touch, gesture, or show much expression- on top of the nervous movements described above.

All of these are non verbal signs of low status.

High-Status Body Language

In order to stand out from 99 percent of guys out there and establish yourself as a confident and powerful man, follow these guidelines:

  • Legs. Stand with your feet slightly wider apart than is natural. It will feel strange at first, but you’ll also feel completely rooted, like a tree. This will stop you from changing position or shifting your weight.
  • Arms. Most people I train have a problem with fidgeting; they move their hands around, play with their face, put their hands in their pockets and out again, and just can’t stay still. This is a sign of insecurity , women will pick up on it immediately. Here’s a trick to get over this: put your thumb against your index and middle fingers and let your hands fall to your sides. This removes the natural tendency for the fingers to find something to do. You can stay in this position comfortably for hours without moving.
  • Eyes. Dont look down! It conveys weakness. Be confident; hold eye contact with people. But remember, it isn’t a staring match; soft, natural eye contact is what you need. If you need some time to get confident holding eye contact and still feel the need to look away, break eye contact to the side rather than down.
  • Head. Move your head slowly- that conveys high status. Quick head movements make you look nervous.
  • Space. Take up lots of space. Own the room! When sitting, spread yourself out. When standing, have a wide, confident stance or use gestures. When dancing, move around the dance floor a lot and use big arm movements (though careful not to knock anyone over). In the past, I always used to get barged out of the way and my toes trodden on; since I started using alpha body language, people give me more space and this never happens. You’ll know you’re doing things right when the same happens to you.

I cannot overstate the importance of adopting the correct body language . Because so many guys get it wrong, when you fix yours you’ll stand out from the pack in a major way and women will notice.

At first it might be a little difficult to alter the way you carry yourself. That’s perfectly okay. Breaking old habits is process of first becoming aware of what you’re doing wrong; then noticing when you’re doing it, stopping it, and eventually replacing this behavior.

Assignment #1

Practice the alpha stance in your home to see how it looks in the mirror. Next time you’re in a bar, observe other people’s body language based on the guidelines above. See who has good and bad body language. be very aware of your own and try to switch into alpha body language as often and as fast as possible.

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