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Attn: Frustrated Online Dater: Sick And Tired Of Sending Emails To Women Online Who Never Respond…And Frustrated With Always Being Contacted By The Women You DON’T Want To Meet? This Can All END Right Now

There’s a HUGE Difference Between Thinking You Have A Great Profile and Actually Having One That Attracts The Women You Want. If you’re sending out a lot of emails without response, I’m here to help make your profile a match magnet.

As the Founder of eFlirt Expert and new Wing Girl for The Wing Girl Method, I’ve become the authority in online dating advice.  I’ve helped thousands of men, just like you, learn how to properly use all online resources to help them get women.

Not just about your dating profile. Your total digital lifestyle matters. Here are a few things you may not be aware but could possibly be effecting your dating life:

  • Suddenly, things you never pay attention to will be scrutinized under a new match’s microscope when they Google you.
  • Your Linkedin profile that you haven’t updated with your promotion will make your big talk last night make you seem like a cocky jerk.
  • That photo of you and your next door neighbor on Facebook (who just happens to be smokin’ hot) probably won’t go over so well.
  • And your ridiculous drunken tweets or posts will give the wrong impression.These are just a few things to worry about, but I promise you there are 100’s more that you are not aware of.

I want to help make sure that your online world is cleaned up, polished and ready to be seen.

I’ll dissect all of your profiles on the Web and give you a virtual evaluation that can be used immediately. My strategies will transform your dating profile and social media world from “turn off” to “must date.”  I’ll take all the details into account from your writing style to your photos to make sure that you are making the best first impression possible.

What People Are Saying

“Laurie Davis is an expert in the art of cyber courtship.” – The Boston Globe

“After several months on with little to show for it, Laurie gave me an eMakeover. I put my pride on the shelf and am thankful for it. She didn’t make anything up or change who I am, just highlighted aspects of myself and my life differently. And all of a sudden the women of Match were winking at me? Wow! I’m happily in love right now with a woman and I have only Laurie to thank.”  – Devin

“I have no problem getting responses and dates now … Your pointers definitely helped!” – Mike

“Clients get that personal touch that we all long for in a world filled with impersonal contact.” – Date Daily

“Not only has Laurie helped me date online, she has taught me how to communicate and navigate through sites like LinkedIn.” – Bob

“An early adopter of online dating, Davis has been facilitating matches and makeovers since she uploaded her first profile in 2000.” – Entrepreneur Magazine


Here’s What You Get

  • 20-30 minute Skype or phone consultation to discuss who you are, what you’re looking for, what sites you’re currently on and how you use them
  • Dating eCritique – Full analysis of your online dating profile, complete with a breakdown of what  it’s actually saying about you
  • Google Analysis – A report of what Google prioritizes for your name, and feedback on how to get anything unsavory removed
  • Social Media eCritique –  Comprehensive review of up to 3 social media profiles, including an in-depth analysis of how they portray you online.
  • The Guide to Mobile eFlirting: Apps For Your Love Life

Retail Value: $299

-Now ONLY $24.99

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