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 Marni Interviews Social Life Expert Greg Greenway

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Whether you are 18, 28, 38,48…….. A social life is a must have.  ESPECIALLY if you want to attract hot, amazing women!

When interviewing women over the past 10 years, a common want from most of them is he better have a full life.

I think the movie Jerry Macguire may have set back the dating world a little bit when he uttered the statement You complete me.  Yes every woman’s heart sank at those words but the truth is women do not want to complete you.  They want you to already be full and to add to your life.

If you don’t have a full life that you like, as soon as a woman comes along you will instantly go into needy mode and be all about her. Which ultimately leads to her pushing away from you.

Which is why I went searching for an expert to interview on the topic of How To Have A Social Life and hit the jackpot!! I found Greg Greenway, the owner of Social Supremacy and social circle expert.

NOTE: I found about 8 other “experts” but when I did further research I discovered that these guys were all talk. They knew how to tell people to have a full social life, but did not have one of their own.

Greg is the only REAL expert in this field and he has the social life to prove it. He came recommended to me by over 12 other experts who I trust and after our interview, I can tell why!

Audio Interview With Greg Greenway [MP3]

– How to stand out in the crowd to automatically be looked upon as the most attractive guy in any social setting

– How to find your perfect girl through social circles (with a MUCH higher success rate than hoping you’ll bump into “her” on the street, or in a bar)

– How to become 10 in everybody’s eyes, NOT just women

– How to infiltrate an existing group of friends, add VALUE and become a part of the group (social circle)

– How to join any social circle and become the center of the group

– How to systematically engineer “the cool factor” in your life… and behave in a way so that people will naturally like and respect you – without faking it or behaving in a way that’s not “you”. (And… it doesn’t matter how “dorky” you think you are now!)You’re really going to love this call, so far Greg’s stuff has been incredible.

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1. Download The Full Interview Here

2. Greg has more tips, tools and step by step instructions on How to Build The Social Life You Have Always Wanted.

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