How To Approach Women and Get Them Talking

…And that is exactly how to approach women! Confidently, comfortably, and directly.

Did you notice how the guy got the girl to immediately drop her guard and be open with him in a matter of seconds? Do you know why he was able to do this? Because of the way he was carrying himself. YES, this is a script… but it emulates real life. This is what most women have in their mind as an ideal approach.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of the direct approach and this is an example of being direct. Not only is he saying “I WANT YOU” with his words, but he is reinforcing it to her with every other muscle in his body.

For example:

  1. He gets close to her
  2. Makes eye contact
  3. Speaks softly
  4. Compliments her
  5. Smiles slyly at her

In my opinion the whole interaction is super sexy.

What I Want You To Do: I want you to try this approach on 5 women this week. To start, you can use this guys approach, but I would eventually like you to create your own version so that it feels more genuine for you and to her.

It’s not gonna be easy…but it’s not meant to be!

You see, becoming the guy you’ve always wanted to be (and the guy that every woman DREAMS of having) is not an overnight thing…

But with my help, I’ll show you a simple yet FORMULAIC way to turn complete female strangers into intense admirers and eventually voracious lovers.

Find out how to turn women you don’t know from strangers into admirers

Once you know exactly what it’s like for a woman to experience dating…and once you know what she REALLY wants in a man, you’ll be able to talk to her with ease, escalate the conversation sexually, and kiss her in a way that has her bragging to all of her friends for nights to come.

Not only will you be able to win over all the women you come across, you’ll have every guy around you demanding to know your secret, desperate to gain your mojo, and wondering how the hell they can be more like YOU.

Talking is just the first step…so watch this exclusive video to find out how to take your dating life to the next level…and don’t worry…I’ve got your back the entire way 😉

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