The Female Perspective On First Dates

I like to have my GF’s over a few nights a month for a good ol’ girls night.  Nothing big. Just some wine, a few snacks and great conversation.

They always know that I am going to bring up something for them to discuss that I will share with you. So this week we discussed, first dates.

Here are a few outtakes from the evenings conversation.

1.  Jennifer (31) says: A Man Should Always Plan The First Date

“I hate when a guy picks me up and says so what do you want to do? You know what I want to do, I want to go home WITHOUT YOU!!!.  I love when a guy says to me I am picking you up at 7, dress casual and be ready to have a good time.”

2.  Jessica (34) says: Don’t Wine and Dine

“Listen, if the guy is super rich and a 5 star restaurant is his version of Red Lobster then by all means wine and dine. But for me, I don’t need a guy to go bankrupt to show me a good time.  For the first date I usually prefer drinks or a coffee or something light and fun.”

3. Christina (27) says: Men Should Always Pay For The First Date

“I know that a lot of other male experts say men shouldn’t have to pay for the first date but they should.  Just like Jessica said, they don’t need to go bankrupt paying for the date but they do need to be a gentlemen and pay for me on that first date. I am sorry but they do or else I think there is something wrong with them.  After that first date we can take turns but that first date is a must.”

4. Marni (29) says: Make Me Feel Like A Woman

“I love when a guy opens the car door for me. I am independent, I run my own business and I am strong but I love to feel feminine and dainty. ”

5. Ellen (43) says: Don’t Brag

“I have been on a million dates throughout my life and the ones that I disliked the most involved men who bragged about themselves. How much money they had, how strong they were. It was the biggest turn off in the world.  I know they thought they were selling me on themselves but all they were doing was driving a bigger wedge between us.  A real man does not need to brag because he knows what he has and when he knows it I can sense it.

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