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This is Goldie Rush, I am an image consultant who has been transforming the wardrobes and lives of my clients for over ten years.

I am not going to lie…looks are important to women, just not as important as you think.

Women don’t necessarily want a man who is good-looking, all they want is a man who knows how to look good.

A hair cut, a shave, a few minor adjustments to the wardrobe; all of these things will boost your self confidence and your chances of success with women!

My specialty is discovering how to bring out the best in YOU by helping to find your own personal style. It’s what I do!

I am here to be your guide and offer a wide variety of services that are provided in person, and online, and include style advice, personal shopping, makeovers, closet editing, grooming tips and photographs.

And as a introduction to my services I have created a special Style Makeover Session just for Marni’s men 🙂

So if you feel it’s time to kick start your style journey, please click on the Add To Cart button below…

I assure you that you can transform your look and become the confident man who has all the ladies looking!

Wishing you all the best!


Goldie Bio

Goldie Rush is a stylist from LA who is now based in NYC. As well as styling famous bands for appearances on the likes of MTV and SNL, Goldie runs an image consulting business that allows her to utilize her incredible stylistic intuition, fashion knowledge and natural instinct for caring to change the lives of everyday people. She has an innate ability to see her client’s hidden selves and by applying her magical charms she is able to bring these secret sides to the surface and perform miraculous personal style transformations that will boost your self confidence and powers of attraction!!

Goldie’s Style Makeover Session
  • An empowering 45 minute online style consultation full of honest, valuable and practical information you can use to transform your look immediately.
  • An assessment of your current style detailing what you are doing right and how you can improve.
  • Suggestions for new clothes, grooming tips and hair styles etc.

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My goal is to leave you with a conceptual style vision that will compliment your personality and physique while boosting your self confidence and powers of attraction.

Please sign up for your Style Makeover Session by clicking the ADD TO CART button below. Marni will then put us in touch to arrange your session.

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Check Out These Success Stories


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Success Story #1

“Goldie has a wonderful ability to envision how you would look in a completely different style of outfit than what you’re used to, and pull it off in a way you’d never dream possible! She helped me with a brand new style, so I felt like a completely new man, feeling much younger and hotter! She is friendly, understanding, and supportive. She’ll work with your budget to achieve the goal you want. I highly recommend Goldie to help you with your fashion makeover re-branding needs!”


Success Story #2

Thanks Marni and Goldie,

what to wear

I love your assessment. You’re basically right on target based on looking only at the pictures.

Goldie is right about the soft and non aggressive (just friends type). I wish I knew how to be different or sexy. I tend to attract people that don’t know me. They’ll want to hook up but then I’ll do something down the line that will lose their interest (ie. 3 months down the line).

I think you guys provide a very valuable service. I never realized what girls thought about the external part of me. It makes me a little more confident. I know I need some work on the internal. Being in a position of authority makes you a little more attractive but I don’t want girls to like me only because I have a good job or because I make good money.

– Stan, 38


Success Story #3

what to wear

“It was strange. I went to an H&M store and left empty-handed. When Goldie took me shopping there, we came out with a bunch of clothes that I like. I jokingly called her ‘Fembot’ because Goldie has this laser-sharp focus to find amazing outfit spot-on without having to wade through tons of irrelevant items. See, I pay so little attention to wardrobe that even my guy friends were telling me to ‘update’ my closet. It was an oxymoron, I have no clue where to start. Then I ran into Goldie. She started the whole process by asking me what I want as opposed to, you know, telling me what I should get. I knew she was the right one. OK, so we did more than shopping for clothes. Goldie knows all the brands, styles, people, and the trend. She took care of me from head to toe. Shopping with Goldie was actually fun. I could feel her energy through the whole experience. Goldie said she likes to help people with makeover so much that she would’ve done it for free if she didn’t have to pay rent. I can vouch for her enthusiasm, and that she is a really good at what she does.”

Success Story #4


I can’t thank you enough for referring me to Goldie. She is AMAZING! She taught me that you don’t have to run up $1,000 credit card bills to look good, and that thrifts stores and flea markets can actually be hidden gold mines. Heh, heh. I love the new outfit, and it makes me stand out without looking silly. It’s wonderful.

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Here’s What I Want You To Do

Sign Up, Get Started and Watch As Women Start To Notice You…..

What You Need To Do:

1. Sign up for you assessment by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button below

2. I will contact you directly to arrange for our first call. Together we’ll select the correct style that works best for you. Don’t worry, my specialty is discovering how to bring out the best in you NOT turn you into someone else 😉

3. In Just 5 Days I will assess your style and give you feedback, suggestions and a full write up on how you present yourself to women. I will instruct you on how to make minor tweaks that will boost your confidence and increase your success with women.

Your report will include names of suggestions of places to shop, lists of products, photos of hair examples, photos of inspiration for their new look and a list of essential staple pieces of clothing that will BEST improve your wardrobe.

4. We will schedule a LIVE 20 minute follow up call to talk to wrap things up!

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  • The results Goldie achieved for me was nothing less than spectacular! I hired Goldie last year to help me with my style. She was able to zero in on the style that fit my personality and she was very easy to work with. The style change has made a big difference…the other day I had two girls come up to me just to say how much they liked my look.
    Steve M.
  • Goldie is an amazing stylist. She gets to know you as a person before she creates a style that fits your personality. I get a lot of compliments on my outfits. Goldie pushes you to get out of your comfort zone, to grow and to try clothes that you never imagine yourself wearing but it works the majority of the time.
    Edward T.
  • Goldie and I met in Los Angeles for coffee before setting-off to shop for clothers so she would have sometime to get to know me and picture in her head a style that fit my personal and professional lives. I am an attorney so I generally limited to suits and ties, but at the same time I wanted to have a relaxed image. It did not take Goldie much time to develop a style that fit me perfectly. I looked professional of course, but I was relaxed in my clothes and felt confident entering business meetings and social events wearing basiclly the same items. Since that one day long session with Goldie, I have become more knowledgeable of what works for me and what does not in clothing; and as an added bonus I made a new friend. Goldie is extremely personal, friendly and will put you as ease immediately. I had the best experience regarding selecting clothes with Goldie than with anyone else. I highly recommend you book a session with Goldie immediately. You will look amazing – I promise.
    Steve H.
  • I listened to Goldie’s advice and assembled my quality new look as I was able to mix vintage with modern and I went from ordinary to a head turning Alpha male! My self confidence shot up a good 70% and people both males and females stop me and compliment me on my fashion statements which never ever happened before! I even received my first phone number on the first day I wore it with a date the following night. Goldie will help you is very patient and yes she actually will answer any questions which you may come up with.I can tell you I had my share! lol! Thank You Goldie!
    Donald B.
  • To say Goldie changed my life is not an overstatement. She has a natural born ability give people makeovers and not just on the outside. She has incredible fashion knowledge, but also could intuitively tell who I wanted to be on the inside and was then able to give me the confidence to be that person! I haven’t looked back since…she is a true miracle worker!!!
    Lindsay C.

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You will receive your report within 5 Days of your order!