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You are getting 7 of my best tele conference interviews for the price of 2!!!  That’s over a 75% discount!!! 

End Of Year Package Includes:

  • Let’s Talk About Sex – Interview with Marni and Sexpert Darrah De Jour  – (1.5 Hour MP3 )
  • How To Seduce With Style –  Interview With Celebrity Stylist Goldie. Includes FREE Style Consult With Goldie – (Style Guide + 1 Hour MP3)
  • How To Date Younger Women – Interview With Marni & Her Younger Sister Nicki – (1 Hour MP3)
  • How To Date Online – Interview With Online Profile Expert and Eflirt Laurie Davis – (1 Hour MP3)
  • Guide To Valentines Day Success – Marni & Her Girlfriends From The Suicide Girls Discuss How To Be Successful On V-Day (1.5 Hour MP3)
  • How To Sexually Escalate With WomenTaken from Marni’s VAULT! This Never Before Heard Coaching Call Gives Step By Step Directions on How To Sexually Escalate With Women On A Date – (20 minute MP3)
  • How To Talk To Women & Make Small Talk Sexy – Interview With Marni & Bobby Rio. Includes FREE Copy of Bobby’s Book – (Book + 1 Hour MP3)

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The first program you’ll be seeing when you get your end of year package is…

Let’s Talk Sex With Marni & Sexpert Darrah De Jour

A 1.5 Hour Tele Conference MP3 where we discuss::

1) How to make a move – even when you’re self-doubting

2) How to initiate oral sex

3) How to talk about safe sex

4) What to do during sex that will make a woman feel comfortable, confident and self-assured — ready and willing to open up to you and satisfy both you and her

5) Questions to ask to discover her erogenous zones

6) What to do after you ‘finish’

7) How to talk about your fantasies so they bring your partner *closer*, not alienate her

8) How to last longer in bed

9) Getting even the most sexually repressed girl to open up her freaky side to you in bed PLUS more…

Next you’ll get…


How To Seduce With Style

An entire guide on how to dress, what to wear and what works best for you. Includes a FREE consult with Style expert Goldie!

Learn how to turn women on with just your style and make women approach YOU. Marni sits down with celebrity stylist, Goldie, for a 1 hour conversation on style.

Topics covered on call:

1) Why style is such a big part of the first impression.

2) How to dress for your body type

3)How to make little tweaks to your style that will get HUGE results with women

4) How to use style as your calling card

5) The top style mistakes most men make but have no clue their making

6) The 3 styles that turn women off instantly

7) How to look good on a budget and where to find great deals on stylish clothes

8) The 5 essential clothing items EVERY man must have

9) How to use your style to break the ice and create attraction PLUS more…

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How To Date Younger Women

Want to date younger women? Then you have need to know what younger women want in a man. Whether you are 30, 40, 50 or older, women in their 20’s have a specific set of rules that you need to know if you want to date them. Listen in to my interview with my 24 year old, single, hot sister Nicki where she tells me everything you will need to know to date women in their 20’s where we discuss:

1) How to talk to women in their 20’s to make them feel instant

2) What makes younger women want to sleep with you vs. shove you in
the friend zone for life

– Why younger women find older men VERY attractive (and if their is
an age cap on how much older she’ll go)

3)  If younger women really want to date bad boys

4)  What younger women want in a man

6) What instantly turns a younger woman off

7) How trying to act their age can turn younger women off instantly

8)  Younger women’s rules for sex

9) How to ask a younger woman on a date

10) Texting or phone? Which do younger women prefer?

11) How social media has changed the dating game and how to use it to
meet women

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How To Date Online

Marni talks with Eflirt expert and Online Dating Profile Coach Laurie Davis to discuss how to correctly use online dating to meet 100’s of women. If you DO know how to use online dating properly, it can literally become your golden ticket for meeting and DATING hundreds of beautiful, amazing women. Laurie
1) What site is best for you to meet the women you want.

2) How to write a profile that gets ANY woman’s attention whether she is 20 or 40

3) The “do and dont’s” of browsing

4) How to initiate and keep the conversation going

5) How to turn responses into numbers… dates… intimate relationships with little or no work on your part

6) The advantages of meeting online that the “real world” will never off you

7) How to craft killer emails that force a woman to read them and respond

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Guide To Valentines Day Success

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s best to be prepared. Marni interviews her 2 girlfriends from the Suicide Girls on how to men can always be successful on Valentines Day.  This 1.5 Hour MP3 is a must listen to as we discuss:

1) How to approach women and start conversation WITHOUT appearing creepy!

2)  How to capitalize on how women feel around V-day!

3) Valentines Day Sex! How to remove the pressure and escalate without fear of rejection?

4) 3 Things you can do if you are single on V-day

5)  How to deal/handle Valentines day if you just started dating

6) Where to meet women

7)  How to avoid being lonely on valentines day

8) How to make Valentines Day special even if you’re single!

9) We even do a mock pick up scenario where we show you the correct and incorrect way to approach women!

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How To Sexually Escalate With Women

This one was dug up deep within the vault!  Marni rarely shares the recordings from her private client calls. In this  25 minute audio of Marni provides J instructions on how to present himself sexually to a woman so that he never falls into the friend zone while on a date.  It’s about leading to sex!  I provide my client with visualization exercises, assignments and direct instructions on how to lead a woman to sexuality.

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How To Talk To Women & Make Small Talk Sexy

Marni interviews small talk expert Bobby Rio about how to talk to women and make small talk sexy. Plus Marni gives away Bobby Rio’s best selling book for FREE! Marni and Bobby discuss:

1) What to say to women to establish sexual intent rather than a friendship

2) How to Make Small Talk Sexy, Fun, Playful…

3) How to use conversation to create attraction in a woman your interacting with  (And Never Again Worry About ‘What to Say Next’…or Awkward Silences)”

4) Tools that will help you avoid having nothing to talk about or getting stuck in boring interview mode

5) How to create a sexual connection with a woman only using your words

6) A concept called “finding the game” that will allow you to turn ANY conversation “sexy” within seconds

7) Four examples you can use tonight to get girls crazy for you… (these work even if you’re not naturally outgoing)

8) A simple tools that creates “conversation momentum” which keeps the talk flowing, makes her laugh, and builds sexual tension

9) One simple and discreet phrase to “inject” into your conversation with a woman- that instantly catapults you out of the friend zone…and gets her thinking of you as a potential lover… (trust me, once you put this in her brain…. She literally can’t help but picture having sex with you)

10) How to create fun missions that you give to girls to make them more attracted to you!

PLUS 1 Week of FREE Email Coaching With Marni!!

OK, So Here’s The Deal…

Each of the 7 MP3 programs you’re getting today are sold individually for up to $47.

And the guys that have purchased each of these individual programs all insist that I could have charged more!

But because it’s the holidays and I am still riding the high from winning my Best Dating Blog award, I want to give you all 7 programs for the just $47!!!!!!

I’m only giving 100 copies of this End of Year package and once the 100 copies get sold – THAT’S IT!!

This package is jam packed with the best materials and interviews I have done in 2012 and I want you to do have it so that your 2013 starts off right!!!

And it’s yours with just the click of a button.

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Have a happy holiday season, a great new years and I look forward to hearing all your success stories in 2013!

– Marni

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