One Night Stand Formula

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ff0000″]Did You Know That 78% of Women Have Tried One Night Stand?[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]As A Man Are YOU Anyhow Responsible Of That Number? If Not, Here’s The Formula…[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

(**To listen to me and my friend Amy discuss when women want a One Night Stand go to the bottom of this entry!)

A few weeks back I posted a blog about when women want a One Night Stand. I got a ton of emails both from my newsletter members and from blog readers like you- wanting to know more!

I didn’t realize this was such a hot topic!

As always, I dug deep and asked every single one of the women in my network about their thoughts on a One Night Stand. Girlfriends, sisters, mother, Wing Girls, on facebook, through twitter… Every female I could find and I pretty much got the same responses from all.

Out of all the women, maybe 2 had never had a one night stand BUT said they had considered it and attempted it a few times.

From the other women, each of them used the words “I decided…” when describing their one night stands. I thought this was really interesting. I mean I must have talked to at least 200 women about this and each said something along the lines of I decided.

This was interesting to me, cause what I think I discovered from my questioning was that most one night stands for women are PRE MEDITATED!!! Or at least women like to think so.

The one time I had a one night stand, it was pre meditated. I was coming off a broken heart, insecure and wanted to just DO IT cause I thought it would shake my sad feelings. Never a good idea.

I have however had multiple one night fool arounds and loved every second of it!

Why? Because it was fun, exciting, went with the night and felt really, really good!!!!

one night stand, dating womenThese were guys I met while I was out and there was an instant, fun and exciting connection. They weren’t guys who asked me about my job or my family during our meeting. They were guys who were light, bantery and just plain old fun! Ones who pulled me into a world of excitment and enjoyment. It almost seemed fitting to make out with them and be part of a fantasy world.

Sometimes, that is all women are looking for! A great guy to blow off steam with!

I wanted to dive deeper into this discussion of a One Night Stand so I asked my friend Amy if she would be open to a recorded discussion and she said YES!!!!

Here is just 2 minutes of our 20 minute discussion on our experiences with a one night stand, why we had a one night stand and what makes us want to have a one night stand!

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