Play By Play Guide To Attraction and Approaching Women

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PLUS 1-hour Commentary By Attraction Expert, Josh Pellicer & Me

The number #1 question I get from men is “How can I approach a woman and MAKE HER attracted to me?”.

Pretty sure if you have landed on this page, it’s one of your top questions as well and I am about to provide you pretty freakin good answer.

My good friend and fellow Dating and Attraction Expert Josh Pellicer has a gift for you. It’s a play-by-play Attraction Guide. You may have seen this guide in the past. BUT now Josh and I have added over an hour of audio commentary, to fully explain how to use the guide to maximize your success with women.

Think of it as a choose your own adventure but with women. It literally tells you exactly what to do during the attraction stage with a woman.

Josh and I had initially recorded this with video BUT I screwed up 😉 I thought my recorder that I use with Skype would record him sharing his screen but sadly it did not. So…. I have pasted the Guide below so that you can follow along with the MP3 recording.

Remember, this guide is simply a system to get you started. The commentary that Josh and I provide is where the really great and useful information is at.

Click below to start listening to the 1 hour MP3 recording of Josh and I walking you through How To Approach Women and create instant attraction.  Follow along with the Play by Play Guide below.


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