Mr. Seducer

Mr. Seducer 

The Seducer is the man who is unapologetic about his sexual intention toward a woman. While he doesn’t come out and overtly say, “Hey, I want to sleep with you!” he does give signals to the woman that he’s very interested, in a smooth, almost calculated way. Be it the way he looks at the woman, the way he holds her hand, or the way he uses his voice, Mr. Seducer is the guy who can get the girl into bed.

The Mr. Seducer character doesn’t just pop out of left field when you need him. Instead, he emerges gradually, the more you find out about a woman. This way, your attraction to her justified and, in her eyes, is not based on looks alone.

The skills of Mr. Seducer


  • Dont be afraid to reveal your desire. Look the woman in the eyes in a way that communicates, “I want you tonight.”
  • Slow down the rate at which you speak.
  • As you begin to speak more slowly, add pauses … in the way … you speak … while still holding solid eye contact. Pauses in the middle … of sentences are … especially powerful.
  • Introduce touching and physically with more frequency and intimacy.
  • Reduce movement and make sure any body movement, gestures, and touches fit with the slow, smooth seductive rhythm. [/red_arrow_list]

These three characters provide the general framework for what to do when you interact with a woman. Its a map, if you will. What we’ll do in the chapters that follow is zoom down to “street level” and look at the nitty-gritty of how you actually navigate through the seduction each step of the way. We’ll learn how to master the skills of each character, and how to tie them all together in a step-by-step way, so that when you go out and meet women, success is practically guaranteed.

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Examples of Mr. Seducer

Ryan Phillippe as Sebastian in Cruel Intentions

Johnny Depp as John in Don Juan DeMarco

Brad Pitt as Joe in Meet Joe Black



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