40-40-40 (Coaching)

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Disclaimer: Session must be used within 30 days of purchase.

Now I Can Work With You No Matter Where You Live!

How It Works

If you decide to be one of the 40 guys who will sign up for, one-on-one coaching with me today – I will personally contact you shortly after you sign up. We’ll schedule a time that works for both of us to get on skype/phone. If you use Skype, I’ll also give you my special “coaching ID” to add me.

And if you don’t have Skype, no worries… I will call YOU!

Feel free to fire questions at me like:

  • Can you critique my online profile and tell if it’s attractive and what should I change?
  • How do I SPARK attraction with this woman I see almost every day?
  • How can I make her think I’m sexy?
  • Can you tell me what it means when a girl  __________?
  • Can you tell me what this texting conversation with a woman means?
  • How do I make a woman want me sexually?
  • Can you critic my online profile and tell if it’s attractive?
  • How do I avoid becoming a friend to a woman?

… the possibilities are endless!

You’ll be receiving super-customized answers from me — particularly for YOU!

What You Get From Your Session:

  • Direct instruction on how to transform yourself from a man into a Man Women Want!
  • Learn to always be interesting and comfortable in your own skin
  • Instant female feedback on your conversation style and sexual appeal
  • Removal of past insecurities that are holding you back with women
  • Discover your authentic, genuine, masculine self
  • Clarity on what you are looking for in a woman
  • And more…

Here’s What Each Session Includes

The coaching will be recorded, and usually within 24-48 hours after our coaching call, you’ll get the Video or MP3 recording sent to you so you can reference everything we covered on the call. Here’s what is included:

  • MP3/MOV Video Recording of Session – You will be gaining tons of new information from me and I don’t want you missing while you take notes. To combat this issue, I am including an MP3/MOV recording of our session.
  • Follow up assignments (1 week) – Every session will include follow up assignments for you to do the following week and possibly many weeks following the session. Each assignment will be tailor constructed for the individual.
  • Email Correspondence (1 week) – Just because the session is over does not mean that you will not have access to me. I can further assist you through email correspondence! For one week after our session you will be able to email me once per day asking me anything and everything.

The Wing Girl Method Skype sessions is for every man. No matter what stage you are at with women, I can help you. Whether you are dating, seducing, in a marriage, a long term relationship or trying to figure out how to approach, I will advise you on what to do and how to do it. I am here to be your Wing Girl and provide step-by-step direction on what you need to do to ensure you are successful with women.

The benefit of a Skype Coaching session is that I get to see you. Therefore I can see what you are presenting to women and instantly feel how to make adjustments.

I Am So Excited To Speak With You

A full hour of my time is $179. My clients think it’s worth every penny because of the value I provide.

I think out of the countless one-on-one coaching sessions I’ve done at this price point, every single person felt like they got outstanding dating success by the time the coaching session was done.

Almost all say the same thing – “You charge too little.” Perhaps I do.

Here’s What Others Say About Working With Me

“I Used To Think Women Didn’t Want To Be Approached… Turns Out They Do!”

One of my past clients Mike (45) explains what I do best best in his own words.
Click play to listen or read below:

“My impression of you (Marni), I just think you are fantastic. What you are doing for men, I just appreciate it so much. Because I came from a place growing up where most of the time what I heard from women, whether it was in the media or women talking, was men are dogs. I had to fight with this sense of shame that I find a woman attractive or ashamed of BEING A MAN and having the desires that I have. To know that women out there really appreciate men for being men is allowing me to change my way of thinking and let myself be comfortable. For you to be helping guys realize that is amazing and I’m grateful. I love your vibe. I think you are great.” – Mike 45

“In the past couple of days I’ve surprised myself by approaching so many attractive women. And sometimes I would think to myself  “I can’t believe I just did that”. I could have never done this without the tools I gained from you. Thank you Marni” – Tony 28

“It’s always nice, although rare, to hear the truth from a woman, instead of the normal politically correct stuff we normally hear. It’s true that no matter how much game guys learn, women always have more game!.” – Mark

“To get this information from an honest females prospective is priceless.  So I just would just like to say how much I appreciate a woman who understands what us guys are also going through.  Your advice has been invaluable.”  Trevor

“PUA Materials Never Worked For Me But After Working With You I Am A Changed Man. I Can Finally Be Very Selective With Women”

Another 8 week Transformation program client, Patrick
Click play to listen:

So, go ahead and sign up for one hour of personal coaching with me, Marni, below.

Just click on the yellow “Let Me In Now” button and after you fill out the form, you’ll be forwarded to the page where you’ll provide me necessary information so I can contact you.

You’ll also get an email sent to you immediately with instructions on booking your coaching session.

  • Spend 40 Minutes With Marni In One-On-One Skype LIVE Call So She Can Personally Give Me Super-Customized Advice to Solve My Most Hot-Burning Issues With Women!
  • MP3/MOV Video Recording of Session
  • Follow up assignments (1 week)
  • Email Correspondence (1 week)

If I Can’t Help You, I Don’t Want Your Money!

That’s right! After we finish the session if you don’t feel you’ll have that inner power to enjoy the dating success you deserve, I’ll personally refund you every cent of your $40 investment. Honesty, if I I can’t help you, I don’t want your money. That’s my promise!

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The Last Female Friend You’ll Ever Have,

Disclaimer: Session must be used within 30 days of purchase.

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